The kill roomJeffery Deaver’s The Kill Room.

If you’re looking for a thriller to take on holiday, we’ve got lots of copies of this Jeffery Deaver. He’s massively popular so give it a go if you haven’t tried him yet.

Publisher’s Weekly Review:

In bestseller Deaver’s extremely timely 10th Lincoln Rhyme novel (after 2010’s The Burning Wire), Rhyme, partner Amelia Sachs, and other regulars conduct a highly irregular investigation that points up the moral ambiguities involved in what are euphemistically called STOs (Special Task Orders). At issue is the killing of a U.S. citizen, Roberto Moreno, who’s been operating as an anti-American crusader in the Bahamas. Shreve Metzger, the director of the National Intelligence and Operations Service (NIOS), a secret government organization, ordered the hit from NIOS headquarters in Manhattan. A.D.A. Nance Laurel is determined to prosecute those responsible for Moreno’s murder. Rhyme and Sachs engage in a continuously exciting game of cat-and-mouse with a host of adversaries, including sadistic killer Jacob Swann, at the same time they face important personal decisions. This is Deaver at his very best and not to be missed by any thriller fan. Agent: Deborah Schneider, Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents. (June)

5 top things named after authors

George Orwell: English rebelFollowing on from Val McDermid having a morgue named after her (see previous post) here’s five more authors who have had the honour of having something named after them. Read all 22 in The Whynot100blogspot

Here’s our favourites

A word (George Orwell)

Geoffrey Nunberg wrote in The New York Times on George Orwell’s centenary—June 25, 1903—”the most telling sign of his influence is the words he left us with: not just ‘thought police,’ ‘doublethink’ and ‘unperson,’ but also ‘Orwellian’ itself, the most widely used adjective derived from the name of a modern writer.”

A drink (Ernest Hemingway)

The Hemingway Daiquiri, invented in Havana in 1921, includes 1 ½ ounces of white rum, ¼ ounce of maraschino liqueur, ½ ounce of grapefruit juice, ¾ ounce of lime juice, and ¾ ounces of simply syrup. Pour it into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Drink until the sun also rises.

An asteroid (Iain Banks)

The Committee for Small Body Nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union gave asteroid 5099 an official name in June 2013—Iainbanks. Nearly four miles wide, it’s located in the Main Asteroid Belt of the Solar system and“will be referred to as such for as long as Earth Culture may endure.”

The official citation says : “Iain M. Banks (1954-2013) was a Scottish writer best known for the Culture series of science fiction novels; he also wrote fiction as Iain Banks. An evangelical atheist and lover of whisky, he scorned social media and enjoyed writing music. He was an extra in Monty Python & The Holy Grail.”

An airport (Ian Fleming)

 James Bond the characterwas named by Ian Fleming after the ornithologist James Bond, who let the author use his Jamaica estate for writing. Fleming later purchased his own estate on the Caribbean island and named it Goldeneye. A few years ago, Jamaica completed upgraded and expanded an airport used primarily by private jets, then known as the Boscobel Airstrip.  It is now Ian Fleming International Airport.

A dinosaur (Michael Crichton)

 An ankylosaur species, discovered  recently by a Chinese paleontologist, was named in honour of the author of Jurassic Park and though obviously extinct (so far) is immortalized as a Crichtonsaurus.

Val McDermid and a mortuary named after her

Beneath the bleedingScotland’s murder mystery author Val McDermid  is to be given the unusual accolade of having the new morgue at the University of Dundee named after her.  The Val McDermid Mortuary will also feature the Stuart MacBride Dissecting Room, after another of Scotland’s top crime writers, and a collection of new submersion tanks named after Jeffery Deaver, Kathy Reichs and Harlan Coben. This is following a campaign from the university to raise £1m to build a new morgue, which the crime authors backed. They asked members of the public to vote for the writer they wanted the morgue named after and to donate money.

Val McDermid’s won the Crime Writers’ Association’s Gold Dagger for fiction, its Diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement and the Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year award, among many other prizes.  She says her latest win is “a very proud moment for me”. “It is kind of weird though, nobody starts their career thinking ‘one day I will have a mortuary named after me’. But it’s absolutely up there with winning book prizes, even though it’s a different kind of honour.”

Professor Sue Black, head of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the university of Dundee, has helped the author with “grisly” technical details of murder when writing her novels. McDermid wanted to “give something back to a community that is of tremendous value”. She said  “All crime writers rely on the help of professionals like Sue to make sure we get the details right. Giving a bit of help back in return is the least we can do. The work that’s being done in this mortuary and the knowledge it will communicate means better life chances for all of us. For once, we crime writers have had a chance to put life ahead of death and I’m thrilled to have been part of it.”

 The other writers taking part in the campaign were Lee Child, Jeff Lindsay, Tess Gerritsen, Peter James, Mark Billingham and Caro Ramsay. Child, said McDermid, “was the one writer they really didn’t want to win, because it would have been the Child Mortuary. And Lee’s said he wants his tank to be the Jack Reacher tank [after his most famous character], for reasons of taste.”

 MacBride, author of the Logan McRae thrillers, said the news of his dissecting room was a “really big honour”. “As runner-up prizes go it’s pretty damn special. It’s a really important project and every pound the public have donated is going to make a huge difference to the future of anatomy, forensic science, and medical training.”

 The new morgue is the first in the country to use the Thiel method of embalming, which the university said “gives surgeons, dentists, scientists and researchers a more realistic method of testing techniques, practising procedures and developing new equipment and approaches”.

Books for Crafters

Craft: techniques & projects

If you’re like us, start now for Christmas but no doubt there will be lots of great crafters out there who can polish these projects off much more quickly. These are all recently added to stock and have been given a top rating by Leeds readers.

Craft techniques and projects From textile crafts to beadwork and soap making to glass work, ‘Craft’ is crammed with over 50 inspiring projects and over 300 techniques for crafters.


ReCraft: how to turn second-hand stuff into beautiful things for your home,Little needle-felt animals family and friends 50 projects to give old things a new lease of life and is a way of recycling things you might otherwise throw away – or things other
people have given away. Using your hands and imagination ‘ReCraft’ transforms the most uninspiring objects into soft toys, candles, secret boxes, precious jewels, cushions and bags

Crochet: the complete step-by-step guide: essential techniques, more than 80 crochet patternsKnit-and-crochet garden: bring a little outside in: 36 projects inspired by flowers, butterflies, brids and bees

Crochet – complete step-by-step guide
80 projects

Little needle-felt animals - Needlefelting is fast becoming the most popular and easiest way to create cute and quirky characters and curiosities. In this book you can learn to make 30 adorable little animals










Most downloaded eAudiobook?

Gallows ViewLeeds Libraries most popular title by far since we started in 2010  is Peter Robinson’s ‘Gallows View’ – 176 downloads to date.

Second most popular is ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins – 143 downloads. Warhorse by Michale Morpurgo nets 97 outings and then we have a raft of J K Rowling Harry Potters!!

Here’s the link to the latest eAudiobooks added to stock. We add titles all the time and we’re gradually reaching 1000 titles to choose from – currently stands at 921

Other very popular authors include James Patterson, Stuart McBride, Patricia Cornwell, Camilla Lackberg to name but a few. So if you haven’t tried eAudiobooks yet, there’s lots to choose from.

‘The Not the Booker’ – the most democratic literary prize – needs you

Guardian mugThe longlist for the Man  Booker prize  will be announced on Wednesday 23rd July. Who will make the cut? Well you can’t influence the judges for that prize but you can vote for your favourite book in the The Not The Booker prize which is in its sixth year and even be on the judging panel. Not only that, you can help discover some exciting new books and new talented authors along the way.

First nominate your favourite book  by 27th July Choose from all those theoretically eligible for this year’s Man Booker prize longlist- any “full-length novel, written originally in English and published in the UK by an imprint formally established in the UK” between 1 October 2013 and 30 September 2014.

Then there’ll be a shortlist vote, where you decide on two books to go forward. They must be written by two different people and published by two separate publishing companies. 

Once the shortlist is in place, each book is read in turn, at the rate of roughly one a week, and  reviews are posted inviting further discussion, argument etc etc

The final vote is made in combination with a readers’ panel. They’re chosen from those who contribute most to the shortlist read-through. This could be you, Sam Jordison wields the casting vote.

The winner will be announced on 13th October in the Guardian and the prize is a Guardian mug.

Find out  all the other important details of the prize, rules and regulations.



Crime fans – top rated picks 2014 from Leeds Readers

The strange death of Fiona GriffithsSo many great new crime novels are added to stock every week, but these are Leeds Readers top rated reads so far in 2014– every one has been given 5 stars! Pop down to your library or reserve them now :)

Guilt by Adler-Olsen, Jussi

1987: Nete Hermansen, a young woman brutally assaulted in her youth, sterilised without her consent by a fanatical surgeon, and banished to Sprogo, the island for outcast women is planning her escape and her vengeance. Soon people begin to go missing and no one – certainly not the police – knows why, nor that individual cases are connected.

RubberneckerRubbernecker by Bauer, Belinda

Patrick has been on the outside all his life. Thoughtful, but different, and infuriating even to his own mother, his life changes when he follows an obsession with death to study anatomy at university. When he uncovers a crime that everybody else was too close to see, he proves finally that he has been right all along: nothing is exactly as it seems, and that there have been many more lies closer to home.

Death of a policemanLocal police stations all over the Scottish Highlands are being threatened with closure and this presents the perfect opportunity for Detective Chief Inspector Blair to get rid of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth. Blair suggests that Cyril Sessions, a keen young police officer, visit the town of Lochdubh to monitor exactly what Hamish does every day. On hearing of Blair’s plans Hamish is fully prepared to ensure young Cyril returns back to headquarters with a full report, but before he can do that, Cyril is found dead and Hamish becomes the prime suspect for his murder

The strange death of Fiona Griffiths By Bingham, Harry 4 x 5* ratings!

When DC Fiona Griffiths says ‘yes’ to her policeman boyfriend, it’s an affirmation that she wants finally to put her psychological breakdown behind her. But she still can’t resist the challenge of an undercover policing course, and finding it remarkably easy to assume a new identity, she comes top of the class. So when an ingenious payroll fraud starts to look like the tip of a huge criminal iceberg, she is selected to infiltrate the fraudsters’ operation. Posing as a meek former payroll clerk now forced to work as a cleaner, she becomes Fiona Grey, hoping the criminals will try and recruit her – knowing that if they discover her real identity, she’s dead.

Holy orders by Black, Benjamin

1950s Dublin. When a body is found in the canal, pathologist Quirke and his detective friend Inspector Hackett must find the truth behind this brutal murder. But in a world where the police are not trusted and secrets often remain buried there is perhaps little hope of bringing the perpetrator to justice

The burglar who counted the spoons by Block, Lawrence

Everybody’s favourite burglar returns in an eleventh adventure that finds him and his lesbian sidekick Carolyn Kaiser breaking into houses, apartments, and even a museum, in a madcap adventure replete with American Colonial silver, an F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript, a priceless portrait, and a remarkable array of buttons. And, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a dead body, all stretched out on a Trent Barling carpet

Angelica’s smile by Camilleri, Andrea

Angelica's smileWhen members of Vigata’s elite are targeted in a series of perfectly executed burglaries, Inspector Montalbano reluctantly takes the case. It soon becomes clear however that more links these privileged few than simply their lost possessions. It isn’t long too before Montalbano finds himself taken with one of the victims, the captivatingly beautiful young Angelica. But as the detective’s attraction grows – until he can think of little else – a series of strange, anonymous letters claiming responsibility for the thefts begin to arrive

The kill by Casey, Jane

When a police officer is found shot dead in his car, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent take on the investigation. Nothing about the case prepares them for what happens next: a second policeman dies – and then another. The Metropolitan Police struggle to carry out their usual duties, but no one knows where or how this cop killer will strike again. While London disintegrates into lawlessness, Maeve’s world starts to fall apart too.

Her last breath by Castillo, Linda

What at first seems like a tragic, but routine car accident suddenly takes on a more sinister cast as evidence emerges that nothing about the crash is accidental. But who would want to kill an Amish deacon and two of his children?
As the snow falls thickly on Newcastle, the shouts and laughter of Christmas revellers break the muffled silence. Detective Joe Ashworth and his daughter are swept along in the jostling crowd onto the Metro. But when the train is stopped due to the bad weather, and the other passengers fade into the swirling snow, they notice that an old lady hasn’t left the train: Margaret Krukowski has been fatally stabbed. Nobody sees the stabbing take place. Margaret’s murderer is seemingly invisible; her killing motiveless. Why would anyone want to harm this reserved, elegant lady?Harbour Street

The keeper by Delaney, Luke 7 readers rated this 5 *

DI Sean Corrigan is different to most cops. No psychic, yet his own dark past has given him the ability to step into a crime scene and see it through the eyes of the offender. He understands what drives a person to commit murder, rape, arson – but sometimes his gift seems more like a burden. When the brutally murdered body of a young woman is found in the woods, Corrigan and his team are on the case. But this is not the act of a one-time offender rather someone who has been taking women from their homes and keeping them captive before disposing of their bodies.

Never look back by Donoghue, Clare

Three women have been found brutally murdered in south London, only feet away from help during each sadistic attack. Sarah Grainger is rapidly becoming too afraid to leave her house. Once an outgoing photographer, she knows that someone is watching her. A cryptic note brings everything into terrifying focus, but it’s the chilling phone calls that take the case to another level.

As Hitler’s forces smash into Soviet territory, a German scout plane is forced down. Contained within is an inconsequential painting of a red moth. Military Intelligence dismisses the picture as insignificant, but Stalin suspects a German plot. He summons Inspector Pekkala to discover the real significance of this strange cargo

Black lies, red blood by Eriksson, Kjell

Black lies, red bloodInspector Ann Lindell hasn’t had much time to enjoy her new relationship with journalist Anders Brant before he disappears without a trace and a homeless man’s body is found with Anders’ phone number in his pocket

Death angel by Fairstein, Linda A. 6 readers loved this

In New York’s Central Park, Assistant DA Alex Cooper and Detective Mike Chapman race to track down a serial killer before yet another young woman is found dead. Is the body found in the Ramble the first victim of a deranged psychopath, or could other missing women be connected to this savage attack? The enormous urban park, a sanctuary in the middle of the city for thousands of New Yorkers and tourists who fill it every day, may very well become a hunting ground at night for a killer with a twisted mind.

Gallowglass by Ferris, Gordon

Douglas Brodie is dead.  Just 4 weeks before, a senior banker was kidnapped. Brodie delivered the ransom money on the instructions of the abducted man’s wife, but the drop went disastrously wrong. Brodie was coshed in the kidnapper’s den and woke with a gun in his hand next to a very dead banker with a bullet in his head. The case against Brodie is watertight: the bullet comes from his own revolver, the banker’s wife denies knowing him, and his pockets are stuffed with ransom notes. Brodie cheats justice by committing suicide in his prison cell. Could this be the sordid end for a distinguished ex-copper, decorated soldier and man of parts?

Cinderella girl by Gerhardsen, Carin

When detective Petra Westman finds an unconscious child in an undergrowth, and then stumbles upon the mother’s dead body hidden inside a grit bin, the Hammarby Police team is shocked by the gruesome case. The strangest thing is that nobody seems to be missing the victims. Soon chief investigator Conny Sjøberg is faced with another murder. A teenage girl has been killed aboard cruise ship Cinderella and her younger sister will be next if Sjøberg can’t uncover the killer
The chosen dead by Hall, M. R.

When coroner Jenny Cooper investigates the fatal plunge of a man from a motorway bridge, she little suspects that it has any connection with the death of a friend’s 13-year-old daughter from meningitis. But as she pieces together theWolf dead man’s last days, she’s drawn into a mystery whose ripples stretch across continents
I believe, from what I can hear, that either my daughter or my wife has just been attacked. I don’t know the outcome. The house is silent. Fourteen years ago two teenage lovers were brutally murdered in a patch of remote woodland. The prime suspect confessed to the crimes and was imprisoned. Now, one family is still trying to put the memory of the killings behind them. But at their isolated hilltop house, the nightmare is about to return

The house of dolls by Hewson, David

Anneliese Vos, 16-year-old daughter of Amsterdam detective, Pieter Vos, disappeared 3 years ago in mysterious circumstances. Her distraught father’s desperate search reveals nothing and he leaves the police force. One day, while Vos is wasting time at the Rijksmuseum staring at a doll’s house that seems to be connected in some way to the case, Laura Bakker, a misfit trainee detective, visits him. She tells him that Katja Prins, daughter of an important local politician, has gone missing in circumstances similar to Anneliese. Vos is drawn back into life as a detective.

The body of a murdered woman is found washed up on Cramond Island . Days later detectives are called to a flat in Edinburgh; the kitchen is covered in blood, and the occupier is missing. When the name of the woman from Cramond Island is revealed, it stirs unwelcome memories for those who knew her, Chief Constable Bob Skinner most of all. Now based in Glasgow, he has no reason to become involved in the case. Yet he does, unwittingly setting in motion a course that leads him to the toughest choice of his life, creating personal nightmares, both life-threatening and career changing.

Buried angels by Läckberg, Camilla

A family vanishes without a trace from the island of Valo outside of Fjallbacka. The dinner table has been exquisitely set, but everyone except the one year-old daughter Ebba is gone. Are they victims of a crime or have they voluntarily disappeared? Years later Ebba returns to the island. She and her husband have recently lost their young son, and in an attempt to overcome their grief they have decided to renovate the house and open a B&B. The couple have barely settled in before they are subjected to an attempt of arson

In the freezing winter of 2010, with the Irish recession in full flow, property tycoon Dermot Brennan is found dead at his Dublin home. Leading the murder investigation is 56-year-old Detective Inspector Leo Woods, an embittered former UN soldier with a cocaine habit, a penchant for collecting masks and a face disfigured by Bells Palsy. DI Woods meets his match in Detective Sergeant Helen Troy, a bright and ambitious but impetuous young policewoman with a troubled family.

The hangman’s song by Oswald, James Great read!

The body of a man is founding hanging in an empty house. To the Edinburgh police force this appears to be a simple suicide case. Days later another body is found. The body is hanging from an identical rope and the noose has been tied using the same knot. Then a third body is found. As McLean digs deeper he descends into a world where the lines of reality are blurred and that the most irrational answers become the only explanations
London, 1856. It is a time of progress, with the Empire’s interests expanding and the Suez Canal nearing completion. Many people stand to gain – and to lose – as the world rapidly changes. When a Thames pleasure boat is blown up with the loss of many lives, an Egyptian man is quickly sentenced to hang for the crime. William Monk, head of the River Police, discovers the evidence was flawed. As he and his wife Hester investigate further, he begins to wonder if the wrong man was convicted. If justice itself has been tainted, exposing the true culprit will be far more hazardous

Thankless in death by Robb, J. D.

Murder doesn’t stop for Thanksgiving. As the household of NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her billionaire husbandThe hangman's song Roarke prepares for an invasion of family and friends, an ungrateful son decides to stop the nagging from his parents – by ending their lives. Soon Jerald Reinhold is working his way through anyone who has ever thwarted him in his path to an easy life. Eve is increasingly frustrated in her efforts to cover all the potential victims as Jerald stays a terrifying step ahead. As the festivities begin, Eve is desperate to identify which victim on Jerald’s long list will be the next.
Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil by Runcie, James

It is the 1960s and Canon Sidney Chambers is enjoying his first year of married life with his German bride Hildegard. Our favourite clerical detective soon attempts to stop a serial killer who has a grievance against the clergy, amongst other cases.
Gordianus is now 22 years old and living in Alexandria with Bethesda, scraping by in modest and haphazard fashion. But then Bethesda is kidnapped by mistake. With few resources available to him, Gordianus has to find the people who kidnapped her and get her back – before they realise they have the wrong woman and dispose of her for good

Ghost girl by Thomson, Lesley

When detective’s daughter Stella Darnell discovers some old photos in her father’s darkroom, an old case is reopened. The oldest photo dates back to 1966 when a ten year-old girl witnesses something that will haunt her forever

May, 1588. With Elizabeth I’s court rocked by stories of an imminent invasion and one of his key undercover agents missing, Sir Francis Walsingham despatches Kit Marlowe to the Isle of Wight off the south coast: the first line of defence against the approaching Spanish Armada. Lodging at Carisbrooke Castle, Marlowe finds the Islanders a strange and suspicious lot, with their own peculiar customs and dialect. But is there reason to doubt their loyalty to the Crown

Dead gone by Veste, Luca

The young girl you have found isn’t the first experiment I’ve carried out. She won’t be the last. A serial killer is stalking the streets of Liverpool, gruesomely murdering victims as part of a series of infamous unethical and deadly psychological experiments. When it becomes apparent that each victim has ties to the City of Liverpool University, DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi realise they’re chasing a killer unlike any they’ve hunted before – one who doesn’t just want their bodies, but wants their minds

The death collectorThe death collector by White, Neil

Joe Parker is Manchester’s top criminal defence lawyer and Sam Parker – his brother – is a brilliant detective with the Greater Manchester Police. Together they must solve a puzzling case that is chilling Manchester to the bone.  The Death Collector is charming, sophisticated and intelligent, but he likes to dominate women, to make them give themselves to him completely; to surrender their dignity and their lives. He’s a collector of beautiful things, so once he traps them he’ll never let them go. Joe is drawn into the Death Collector’s world when he becomes involved in a supposed miscarriage of justice.


Behind closed doors by Wilkinson, Kerry

Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months, isolated away from friends and colleagues. She may have given up on herself but one man is sure she still has something to offer. DCI Jack Cole gives her a chance at redemption: an opportunity to help a neighbouring force by discovering what is going on with a reclusive community living in a stately home in the middle of nowhere. People are going missing, turning up dead with only a vague link back to the house. But can Jessica beat her own demons in time to find out exactly what’s going on behind closed doors?