Monty Don’s favourite gardening books

Spring is upon us, and for those with green fingers it’s time to get out into the garden. But what to plant?

Get some inspiration over at The Browser, where Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don is interviewed, and recommends his top gardening books.

Monty is no slouch himself when it comes to writing (although he modestly doesn’t choose any of his own titles). Browse our online catalogue to find his books, plus hundreds of other titles guaranteed to plant the seed of an idea (see what we’ve done there?).

Happy gardening!


One thought on “Monty Don’s favourite gardening books

  1. I love Gardeners world, and I always watch, but, Monty, for God’s sake stop waving your han
    ds/arms about. Also, Carol Klein,- can someone give her some tablets to calm her down a bit?
    hellebores are lovely dear, but don’t get so excited!

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