Sharing your book lists on the library catalogue

We’ve just added a rather fabulous new feature to our online library catalogue.

Individuals have been able to put together their own book lists for a while, but they were always visible only to the person who had created them. Now, If you choose to, you can share your book lists with other people who are searching the catalogue.

Log in to create your lists in the usual way, but now you can check the box ‘allow other people to discover this list’, and add tags and descriptions to help other people to find them.

If you already have your own lists, you can go back and edit them, then share them – no need to start again from scratch.

Want to see what lists other people have made? There is now an option to view Everybody’s Lists, so you see if anyone else shares your interests, and has discovered some great books that you didn’t know about.

This is also where the tags come into their own – click on a tag that interests you to bring up all the shared lists with that tag.

If you like the sound of a book on a shared list, you can click straight through to the catalogue record to check availability, and reserve online.

The more people who share their lists, the better this new feature will be, so we’re hoping that as many of you as possible will give it a try. To get you started, we’ve shared a few of our own.

Just a couple of words of caution – please remember that if you do share your lists, you’re posting for a general audience, and moderate your language accordingly. If you see something in a list that you don’t think is suitable, you can notify us by clicking ‘report list as inappropriate’ and we’ll take a look at it.

That’s all there is to it! Head over to the online catalogue and start sharing…

5 thoughts on “Sharing your book lists on the library catalogue

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  2. Hi Brenda, we use Capita (formerly Talis).
    We’re just starting to explore different ways to use the shared lists feature, and we’re really excited by the potential.

  3. Thanks, we’re really quite giddy with it all! Tell all your friends to join in – the more lists the better.

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