Do you want to find more books like the ones you like?

vintagereading5The great ‘More like this feature’ on the library catalogue lets you discover similar books (comes up when you click on an entry). You can also find authors similar to the ones you like in Who else writes like? log in with your library card number.

Creating booklists  ‘We’ve blogged about this feature before so just a another plug for it. You can manage your own book lists via the  library catalogue  and also share them with other people who are searching the catalogue.

How?  Log in to your account, and as you’re searching the Library catalogue click ‘save’ on any item you want to add to your list. Give your list a name, then check the box ‘allow other people to discover this list’. Using tags and descriptions will help other people find them. If you already have your own lists, you can go back and edit them, then share them – no need to start again from scratch.

Seeing other people’s lists View Everybody’s Lists, and you can see if anyone else shares your interests, and has discovered some great books that you didn’t know about. This is also where the tags come into their own – click on a tag that interests you to bring up all the shared lists with that tag. If you like the sound of a book on a shared list, you can click straight through to the catalogue record to check availability, and reserve online.