Jonathan Dee’s A thousand pardons on Radio 2 Book Club

image-mediumHave you read American novelist, Jonathan Dee’s latest book ‘A thousand pardons’? Sounds good and he will be on the Radio 2 Book Club to discuss it on Monday 17th June at 6pm. The listener review panel will say what they thought of the novel – and you can also hear Matt Williams and Rebecca Pike’s take on the book.

It’s in stock if you fancy reading it!


A thousand pardons Once a privileged and loving couple, widely envied and respected, it takes just one afternoon – and a single act of recklessness – for Ben to deal the final blow to their marriage, spectacularly demolishing everything they built together. Separated from her husband, Helen and her teenage daughter Sara leave their family home for Manhattan, where Helen must build a new life for them both. Thrust back into the working world, Helen takes a job in PR and discovers she has a rare gift: she can convince arrogant men to admit their mistakes, spinning crises into second chances