Damn his blood

image-mediumDamn his blood by Peter Moore. We want to read this book as sounds a bit like the suspicions of Mr. Whicher, which was very enjoyable.  It’s on order for libraries, coming very soon. It is Peter Moore’s first book and he is a young author.

Damn his blood: being a true and detailed history of the most barbarous and inhumane murder at Oddingley and the quick and awful retribution.

On Midsummer’s Day 1806, the Reverend George Parker, the pastor of Oddingley in Worcestershire, was shot at close range and then bludgeoned to death with the stock of the gun. A man with a “slooping posture” was seen running from the scene. He was chased but got away. The pastor had time to call out “murder!” in a “wry, dismal” manner, but died almost immediately afterwards. More in the Guardian