Alfie Crow and Glasto Code

image-mediumNorthern Crime Award winning author  Alfie Crow whose novelRant’ is rated 5 star by our readers, is writing a novella about Glastonbury with resident Glastonbury poet Kate Fox (who is also his wife) Copies of the novella, to be called ‘Glasto Code’, will be offerred as a souvenir to festival goers. The story will be a spoof of the Da Vinci Code and feature a race to track down treasure buried beneath the Pyramid Stage.

If you’re not off to Glastonbury and you’d like to try Rant in the meantime, it’s the story of Mike Rant, an out of work actor and accidental bank robber cum international hit man – though less Jack Bauer and more Jack Duckworth.​

Another novelist who has dipped his toe into writing about Glastonbury is David Belbin – Festival: The Glastonbury novel. We haven’t got that one but a lot of his other novels are highly rated by readers such as Bone and Cane

For something completely different – and you’re the Mo Farah of long distance reading if you get through it – is The Glastonbury Romance by John Cowper Powys