Arne Dahl Scandanavian crime thrillers

image-mediumAnyone catch the Scandanavian crime thriller Arne Dahl on BBC4 recently? It was very enjoyable so if you’re a fan of Eurocrime, these 2  Arne Dahl books are worth checking out.

Bad Blood Detective Paul Hjelm, member of an elite Swedish team assembled to investigate violent international crime, receives an urgent call from the FBI offices in America. A man has been found murdered at New York airport. The killer’s violent methods bear a frightening resemblance to those of the notorious Kentucky Killer, a serial killer who was believed to have died some years before in a car crash witnessed by an FBI agent

The Blinded Man Two of Sweden’s most powerful businessmen have been murdered. In the face of panic amongst the financial elite, a task force is created to catch the culprit before he kills again. To his surprise, Detective Paul Hjelm, currently under investigation for shooting a man who took a bank hostage, is summoned to join the team