Angelfall by Susan EE – review

image-medium (12) Angelfall is Susan EE’s debut novel and it’s a variation on the apocalyptic novels so popular since the Hunger Games and Angel Fire (Leeds Book award winner)

Originally starting life as a self published eBook, you can now borrow it from Leeds Libraries.

The plot follows Penryn a 17 year old girl’s uneasy alliance with a mutilated angel (Raffe) in a quest to regain her younger sister Paige from the angels.

The angels of the apocalypse have destroyed civilisation and when the enemy angels fly away with Paige, Penryn is forced to team up with Raffe, an injured  and possibly treacherous angel who wants to get his wings back. Together, they journey to the heart of San Francisco and the angels’ stronghold, where an unimaginable horror awaits them …. At least Penryn has the advantage of being a martial arts pro and a smart cookie to boot. There’s lots of good banter in it and it does mange to live up to its hype.

By Lionel Aldridge


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