Self publishing gives budding authors a chance

images (1)“It’s impossible to sell animal stories in the US.” An American publisher after rejecting the manuscript of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

More and more authors are making money from self publishing their work and proving that it can be done without going through the hoops of the publishing trade that once existed as a barrier.  Anyone out there who would like to be a published author will be interested in this brilliant article ‘E-book revolution: Breaking through in the digital age’ by Richard Anderson of the BBC.  It  tells the story of how writers can succeed without literary agents acting as gatekeepers and speaks to the authors who have successfully self published, plus it offers hints and tips on how to do it.

There’s no problem getting your book onto the internet, the big problem is getting anybody to pay attention”  Author Robin Duval

Another BBC article ‘Do you have the right stuff to be a novelist’ by Tim Bowler discusses whether ‘the book industry is in the middle of an existential crisis as the rise of e-books and the internet threaten to overturn its traditional business methods’.  Read this one for information on getting a printed copy of your book on the market and how self publishing companies can help.


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