Paul Theroux on Radio 4 book club 1st September

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Paul Theroux, the celebrated travel writer, discusses Dark Star Safari next Sunday at 4pm on Radio 4 book club with James Naughtie. The book is his account of an overland journey from Cairo to Cape Town, which he made 35 years after first living as a volunteer teacher in Malawi in the early 60s.

In the programme he talks about the pleasures and hazards of travelling across countries that many consider no-go areas. He recalls the joy of wild camping by the little known pyramids of the Sudan, the peril of being shot at on the road, and how the continent has changed since he first knew it as a young man. He explains his theories on western aid, and how he manages the rigours of travelling. He says it’s best to travel light and alone, with an open mind, a willingness to make friends – and to never forget a paperback.