Our Supplier’s Top 20 for October

image-medium (22)Not quite Richard and Judy’s Autumn book list, this is  Askews and Holt’s – our book supplier’s –  list of ‘Bestsellers’ for October.
It’s the Top 20 Pre-Publication Adult Fiction, although some of it has arrived in Leeds Libraries already  (link to the catalogue where it has) and some of which will be coming soon to libraries.
All make some nice easy reading for nights that are drawing in! Nothing too taxing amongst them.
If you would like to reserve any of the titles, just do so in the usual way.
Many of the authors will be ones we receive multiple copies of (we have a top authors list) directly to local libraries so they come pretty quickly after publication date.
See below for the Top 20
Sycamore Row by Grisham, John
Revenge by Cole, Martina
Vicious circle by Smith, Wilbur A.
Sense and sensibility by Trollope, Joanna
A tap on the window by Barclay, Linwood
A Christmas promise by Groves, Annie
An officer and a spy by Harris, Robert
Dark witch by Roberts, Nora
Silencer by McNab, Andy
Just one evil act by George, Elizabeth
Something borrowed, someone dead by Beaton, M.C.
The broken man by Cox, Josephine
Cross and burn by McDermid, Val
Winners by Steel, Danielle
The storm by Cussler, Clive
Code by Reichs, Kathy
Guilt by Kellerman, Jonathan
I’ll take you there by Moyes, Jojo
The sins of the mother by Steel, Danielle
 Stormbird by Iggulden, Conn