Yak Tale – launch of a site for authors to publish short stories

downloadYakTale is an “open access” site on which authors will be able to publish their short stories . The site launches today. Readers will be able to access the stories for free . Writers can submit work through the website,  currently in beta format at the time of writing this http://yaktale.com/#/, or by emailing hello@yaktale.com.

Isabelle de Grave who is a writer and a journalist and her partner Henry Doe, have been responsible for the platform for the new site. It will enable authors to self-publish short stories, flash fiction and poems. She says the inspiration to create the platform came from social media sites e.g. Instagram and Twitter.

De Grave is quoted as saying “Just as Instagram, Flickr and 500px cater for avid photographers, YakTale is a place where authors who love writing short stories, flash fiction and poems can publish their work and share it with readers,” she said. “We know how easy it is to find good photography and funny videos on the Internet, so we’re making it just as easy to find great short stories that will excite our senses and engage our minds.”

She added: “Just as you’d craft a short story, YakTale.com has been built to draw readers into the experience of reading short fiction online. It allows you to squeeze reads into busy days, on the bus or on your lunch break, and save stories for later on your reader’s bookshelf.”