If you liked 50 Shades of Grey ….

Most of these novels have stilettos no-one could walk in on the cover but if you’re looking for something like 50 Shades of Grey here’s another few to consider and we have them in stock so no need to buy. Why are all the authors Nikki, Abbi?image-medium (8)

House of holes by Nicholson Baker

Visit the House of Holes, where the motto is ‘pleasure first’, and discover a solution to every sexual problem, insight into every sexual intrigue, or play out your greatest sexual fantasy. But ladies, watch out for the Pearloiner, who might just steal from you what you cherish most

Bared to you by Sylvia Day

Gideon and Eva are two wounded souls who come together in an explosion of lust and passion as intoxicating as it is devastating

Never too far by Abbi Grimes

Start with New York Times Bestseller Fallen Too Far, and move on to the sequel, which picks up on the story of small-town gal, Blaire Wynn and her bad boy with secrets, Rush Finlay. Her sexy and complicated step-brother is back and wants forgiving for something unforgiveable that is probably, ultimately, totally forgivable. Why do they all have such complicated names?

The bride stripped bare by Nikki Gemmell

This novel of sex, secrecy, and escape explores the truth about love and sex. Following the sexual awakening of its female protagonist who gradually becomes embroiled in a world of fantasy and recklessness, it will make readers question whether it is ever entirely possible to know another person

The ninety days of Geneveive by Lucinda Carrington

A ninety-day sex contract wasn’t exactly what Genevieve Loften had in mind when she began business negotiations with the arrogant and attractive James Sinclair. But she couldn’t resist a career move with such a potentially huge pay-off

Eighty Days of ……..by Vina Jackson

Lots of these in stock – Eighty Days of Yellow – Caught in a frustrating relationship with a man who can’t accept her for who she is, passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer finds release in her music. She spends her afternoons busking on the underground, lost in the works of Vivaldi or Mendelssohn