The Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig (review)

The Post Office Girl

image-medium (19)Living in Austria after the Great War must have been very depressing, so it is not surprising that the Post Office girl jumped at the chance to spend a holiday in the Swiss Alps amongst her wealthy aunt’s friends.

I enjoyed the story of her conversion from dull worker to social butterfly and hoped for a fairy tale ending. But this Cinderella did not meet her Prince Charming. Instead, after returning home in disgrace she met a man who was as bitter and disillusioned as she was. His daring plan for the future was described in detail, but what a let down! Looking forward to finding out how they fared, the reader is left in mid air as this is the end of the novel.

I understand the manuscript was discovered after the author’s tragic suicide, so perhaps this is an unfinished novel or maybe the author decided not to carry on with the story and didn’t publish.

A member of Halton Readers’ Group   PS -It does get 5 stars from another reader!!!