Downton addicts -Dan Stevens to read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

download (11)Here’s a nice clip of Dan Stevens aka Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and discussing his feelings about the book which he first read as a boy. It’s the first audio version of the novel and from the clip it sounds very good!!

Stevens says;

 “When I read audiobooks I get inside a novel in an totally different way. Frankenstein was quite an adventure. It’s a really profound and beautiful book. The creature is one hundred times more eloquent than you would ever have imagiend if you had only seen Hallowe’en images of this scary guy.

“People might be surprised by how different the book is from their preconceptions and their idea of Frankenstein.”

We haven’t got this one in stock yet, but if you’d like to find out which other Dan Stevens ones we’ve got here they are



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