Season of lists – 2013 star political biographies

image-medium (60)Anyone interested in reading about the lives of our esteemed leaders or would be leaders need look no further than these recommended reads from the Guardian.

First up is ‘Not for Turning’ by Charles Moore, his first volume of Maggie Thatcher’s biography. This one has won prizes – Samuel Fisher, HW Fisher – There is some interesting stuff about her marriage to Dennis not being as blissful as portrayed – he suffered a breakdown in the 60’s possibly due to Margaret’s obsession with her political career, and he escaped to South Africa for a time.

Damian McBride’s book ‘Power Trip’ is a bit of an expose about his time with Gordon Brown and attempts to smear rivals etc.and the Conservatives too when he had time!

Then there’s Tony Benn’s final volume of diaries, A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine which cover his dislike of Blair and what he sees as Brown’s betrayals

Finally Boris Johnson’s The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson‘ – Intelligent, ruthlessly ambitious and prone to gaffes that the press and public take equal delight in, Boris Johnson is the darling of the Tory party. This collection of his wit and wisdom, edited by eminent journalist Harry Mount, covers his education, his journalism, his politics, his time as Mayor of London, the Olympics and his personal life. It begins with a substantial introduction exploring his time in public life, not ignoring his personal indiscretions