Holiday reading – Ghost stories

image-medium (2)Nice to read some ghost stories at this time of the year, here’s a few picks from Leeds Libraries

Top pick – Ash – James Herbert. Number 1 chiller writer features David Ash paranormal detective and the case of a man found crucified in a room that is locked

The Returned by Jason Mott – Source of material for ‘The Returned’ series on TV – it’s the  very interesting idea: what if the dead returned, not as undead monsters, but as they were when they died?

The ghost hunters by Neil Spring  A good old fashioned ghost story set in 1926 at Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England….

Joyland by Stephen Kind  An elegiac book set in the summer of 1973. College student Dev Jones is hoping to get over a broken heart. He discovers there are much worse things than getting dumped as he befriends a young, dying boy, and realizes Joyland is haunted by the ghost of a girl murdered on a thrill ride.

Dolly a ghost story by Susan Hill Two young cousins, Leonora and Edward, spend the summer with their ageing spinster aunt at Iyot House, her decaying home, deep in the damp lonely fens. When spoilt Leonora’s birthday wish for a beautiful doll is thwarted, she unleashes a furious rage which haunts her quiet, subdued cousin for years afterwards and has dark and sinister consequences which neither can escape

Forest ghost by Graham Masterton.Bordering on horror, this tale is set in modern-day America. 15 boy scouts and their leaders are found to have committed suicide in the forest of a scout reservation. One of the dead boys is a friend of Sparky Wallace, whose father Jack investigates the suicides – and discovers a connection with his own grandfather, who killed himself in a Polish forest during World War II

This house is haunted by John Boyne 1867. Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall on a dark and chilling night and dark chilling things begin to happen

Curious Warnings by M R James,’weird fictionist of the very first rank’ . Brilliant all 35 ghost stories in one fat volume

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    When I read this post, I was reminded of reading “Dolly ” by Susan Hill, and thought, how can you not resist a read that includes the line, “The wind was keening, the darkness shrinking in to swallow me.” Yes, I totally agree that “Dolly” should be included in the list.

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