The Dark Winter by David Mark review

image-medium (3)Set in the weeks before Christmas, this novel has been rated 5 star by 3 library members so it sounds good.It’s a debut novel by David Mark and also has a good review on Richard and Judy’s site so worth a try

McAvoy lets his mind drift back to the chaos and bloodshed in the square. To that moment when the masked man appeared from the doorway of the church and looked into his eyes. “Is there anything distinctive, Sarge?” asks Nielsen. “Yes,” he says, with the sudden sense that memory is important. “There were tears in his eyes.”

DS Aector McAvoy is a man with a troubled past. His unwavering belief in justice has made him an outsider in the police force he serves. When three seemingly unconnected people are brutally murdered in the weeks before Christmas, the police must work quickly to stop more deaths. It is only McAvoy who can see the connection between the victims. A killer is playing God – and McAvoy must find a way to stop the deadly game.