Who touched base in my thought shower? a treasury of unbearable office jargon

image-medium (10)Steven Poole takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the meaningless corporate jargon that irritates employees up and down the country in Who touched base in my thought shower?.

Do you hate going forward? Do you shudder when a colleague wants to reach out? Are you disgusted by low-hanging fruit, sick of being on the team, and reluctant to open the kimono? If modern business-speak makes you want to throw up, then this book by Steven Poole is for you. It’s for verbally downtrodden workers everywhere which you might like to borrow to cheer you up now you’re back to work.‘

Hauls the jargon words of business and bureaucracy out of context and interrogates them ruthlessly for meaning… he has linguistic sense and sensibility on his side’ — Times