Gardening books 2013

image-medium (9)5 different books for gardeners starting with Terry Walton – The Allotment Almanac – From a gardener who has been working on his allotment for over 50 years, a brilliant guide to organic vegetable growing and allotment life in general. Since retiring from his day job he’s become the resident gardener on several radio shows. Month by month advice

The Royal Horticultural Society What Plant Where Encyclopedia has 400 colour pages to help find a plant suitable for any spot or purpose. There are sections examining plants that are slug or rabbit proof, plants for allergy sufferers or sandy soils, plants for places with too little or too much shade. Includes food plants.

 Food From Your Forest Garden by Martin Crawford and Caroline Aitken is the ideal present for any adventurous cook or gardener. What do you do with bamboo, beech or Chinese cedar? How can you cook heartnut, hawthorn or hosta? Which plants can you eat raw? This text examines over 50 different species, presented by season, with over 100 recipes, plus raw food options, as well as notes on when and how to harvest and the benefits of each plant. Information on preserving, fermenting, drying and making jams, chutneys and fruit leathers is also included

A Green And Pleasant Land by Ursula Buchan. ‘War is the normal occupation of man – war and gardening’, said Winston Churchill, Britain’s great wartime Prime Minister. And so it was that during the Second World War these two strands of national life – war and gardening – became tightly intertwined. In ‘A Green and Pleasant Land’, Ursula Buchan tells the intriguing and inspiring story of how the British government encouraged and cajoled its citizens to contribute to the war effort by growing their own fruit and vegetables

Abundance: How To Store And Preserve Your Garden Produce by Alys Fowler probably the best comprehensive guide to food preservation currently in print. Alys Fowler takes you through all the different ways of preserving – bottling, drying, fermenting, freezing, pickling, suing sugar – with delicious recipes that make the most of your produce. This book is a must for anyone that wants to store and preserve their garden bounty