Amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime

image-small (1)Here’s Amazon’s bucket list of books to read in your lifetime. So far I’ve only read eleven of them. Must do better!!  ‘Books to Read in a Lifetime’ has been hand-selected by the Amazon Books editorial team.

“With 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, we set out to build a road map of a literary life without making it feel like a homework assignment,” said Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of Print and Kindle Books at “Over many months, the team passionately debated and defended the books we wanted on this list. In other words, we applied plenty of the bookish equivalent of elbow-grease, and we can’t wait to hear what customers have to say about our final picks.”

The list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime encompasses a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction, including children’s, teen, and young adult. It is intended to span decades. “We listed the books alphabetically by title,” said Nelson, “because our assumption is that no book is more important than another.” The Amazon Books editorial team will audit the list regularly to make sure it stays culturally relevant.

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