This is the new stuff – general fiction

image-medium (94)Some new fiction titles this week that you will enjoy.

  5* Campbell, KarenThis is where I am A Radio 4 book at bedtime –‘So we walked in the freezing night air, my daughter weeping into my neck, and me trying to shelter her inside my own thin coat’. Glasgow. A city of colour and contrast. A place where two worlds collide, and are changed forever when the Scottish Refugee Council assigns Deborah Maxwell to act as Somali refugee Abdi’s new mentor

5* Bellingham, Lynda – Tell me tomorrow -Meredith Lee is one of the most successful women in television. She has a daytime show that has an audience of millions. She seems to have it all. But behind the tirelessly successful facade lies the story of a woman who nearly lost everything. This is the story of a woman who could not keep love in her life

Reynolds, MatthewThe world was all before them -Philip and Sue, in their mid-20s, near the start of their working lives, have moved to Eden Grove, to a two-up-two-down individually designed quality residence in a small town for the circle of a year. Philip is a locum in a nearby GP surgery, and Sue commutes an hour each day to her job in an art gallery. On the surface, their life together is unremarkable, but around them and within them is a kaleidoscope of complex, intersecting worlds. When Philip struggles with his new patients and when Sue decides to curate a new exhibition with a crucial emptiness at its heart, they both find themselves overstepping the boundaries of their professional lives

More ….

Battle, Nick – Billy Fidget’s family fortunes

Beauman, Sally – The visitors

Beckerman, Hannah – The dead wife’s handbook

Cook, Jude – Byron Easy

Cox, Josephine – The runaway woman

Crace, Jim – Harvest

Dapin, Mark – Spirit house

Davidson, Craig – Cataract city

Dawson – The tell-tale heart 

Dinsdale, Robert – Gingerbread 

Fitzgerald, Penelope– The beginning of spring

Flanery, Patrick – Fallen land

Forester, C S  – The ship

Foulds, Adam – In the wolf’s mouth 

Glancy, Robert – Terms & conditions

Guinness, Michele– Archbishop

Hill, Katherine – The violet hour

Hodgkinson, Amanda – Spilt milk

Howard, Linda – An independent wife

Levene, Louise – The following girls

Marra, Anthony – A constellation of vital phenomena

Ness, Patrick – The crane wife

O’Malley, Thomas – This magnificent desolation

Parajuly, Prajwal – Land where I flee

Payton, Brian– The wind is not a river

Pearse, Lesley – Survivor

Russell, Karen – Vampires in the lemon grove

Sackville, Amy – Orkney

Smith, Tom Rob–The farm