Scifi, fantasy, paranormal new this week

knightBach – Honour’s knight  After a mysterious attack left Devi Morris short of several memories and one partner, she’s determined to keep her head down, do her job and get on with her life. Even though she’s not looking for it this time, trouble keeps finding her. She sees ghostly creatures no one else can, the inexplicable black stain on her hands keeps getting bigger and she can’t seem to stop getting into compromising situations with a man she’s supposed to hate. When a deadly crisis exposes far more of the truth than she bargained for, she discovers there are worse fates than being shot – and that sometimes the only people you can trust are the ones who want you dead. Sci fi

Evans – The problem with promises   Never make a promise you can’t afford to keep. Half-fae Hedi has tried to live by this rule, yet however fast she runs, trouble tracks her down. In the fae realm, a mage has imprisoned her twin brother Lexi, and she swears to set him free. Paranormal

Grimwood – Felaheen Ashraf Bey has been many things since arriving in El Iskandryia from Seattle. One thing he hasn’t been is son to Moncef, Emir of Tunis – the father Ashraf has still to meet. Now it may be too late, since the rumours that don’t have Emir Moncef escaping assassination have him hovering on the edge of death Scifi

Leonard – Moth and spark Prince Corin has been chosen to free the dragons from their bondage to the Empire They have given him some of their power, but none of their knowledge. No one, not the dragons nor their riders, is even sure what keeps the dragons in the Empire’s control. Tam, sensible daughter of a well-respected doctor, had no idea before she arrived in the capital that she is a Seer. When the two run into each other in the library, sparks fly. Fantasy

Neill – Wild things Since Merit was turned into a vampire, and the protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House, it’s been a wild ride. She and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan have helped make Cadogan’s vampires the strongest in North America, and forged ties with paranormal folk of all breeds and creeds, living or dead … or both. But now those alliances are about to be tested! Paranormal

Ryan – Blood song Vaelin Al Sorna’s life changes forever the day his father abandons him at the gates of the Sixth Order, a secretive military arm of the Faith. Together with his fellow initiates, Vaelin undertakes a brutal training regime – where the price of failure is often death. Under the tutelage of the Order’s masters, he learns quickly and quietly. Now his new skills will be put to the test. War is coming Fantasy