Two great author events

alexWe’re really lucky to have two great author events coming up this and next Wednesday in libraries. Gavin Extence, author of ‘The Universe versus Alex Woods’ and Alison Taft, author of ‘Shallow be thy Grave’ and ‘Our father who art out there –somewhere’ and more will be at Central Library and Headingley Library, as part of the Headingley LitFest, respectively.

Gavin will be at the Central Library on Wednesday 12th March at 6.30pm (till 7.30pm). Event is free but ring to book

Alison will be at Headingley Library for ‘Lily Appleyard in Paris’ on 19th March at 7pm. It’s £4, to book

Gavin Extence was born in 1982 and grew up in Lincolnshire. As a youngster, he was a keen chess player, winning several national titles. He began writing his first novel after he had completed his PhD in Film Studies and was unable to find employment. The Universe Versus Alex Woods which is rated 5 stars by 6 readers, tracks wilful teenager Alex, who has a fascination with science and astronomy came about after he was put into a coma by a falling meteorite. When he breaks a window in next door’s greenhouse, his mother insists that he offers to help out his elderly neighbour. A remarkable friendship develops the youngster and the reclusive Mr Peterson, Vietnam veteran, amputee, dope smoker and dedicated fan of Kurt Vonnegut. The novel won Waterstones 11 literary prize for his first book

 taft Alison Taft was born and raised in Burnley and dreamed of becoming a writer ever since reading Harriet the Spy by torchlight under the bedcovers, aged eight. After completing a degree, she lived in Crete and spent time in the Middle and Far East. In the mid-nineties she was a keen supporter of the free party network. She has worked in a variety of jobs but after being sacked once too often for gross insubordination, Alison decided to heed the words of one employer who described her as ‘unmanageable’, and became a full time writer.

Alison now lives in Leeds with her partner and two children. She spends her evenings at the computer, sipping mint tea and plotting her revenge.

‘Shallow be thy Grave’  Half-sisters Lily and Fiona haven’t had the easiest of relationships – hardly surprising when they discovered each other’s existence only a year ago. But when Fiona disappears, and it’s all Lily’s fault, Lily knows she has no choice but to fly to Paris and track the wayward seventeen-year old down. Accompanied by her best friend Jo, Lily soon uncovers her sister’s secret life in the French capital. What does Fiona’s employer, the suave M. Beaumont, know about her disappearance? Who is the mysterious Bridget, and why is the Shadow Minister for Justice involved? As communism collapses around them, Lily learns disturbing truths about sibling rivalry, the international sex trade and the dark side of herself. Is Lily too late to save her sister and restore her fantasy of what a happy family should look like? Time is running out.