Love historical fiction? Here’s what’s new

ParisSomething for everyone here – two novels set in Tudor times, back to the Roman Empire with ‘Hanno and Hannibal’ and more recent past.

Historical novel of the week is Edward Rutherfurd’s  Paris  Rated 5 star by 3 readers already, it’s inspired by the haunting, passionate story of the city of lights. An epic novel, it weaves a gripping tale of four families across the centuries: from the lies that spawn the noble line of de Cygne to the revolutionary Le Sourds who seek their destruction; from the Blanchards whose bourgeois respectability offers scant protection against scandal to the hard-working Gascons and their soaring ambitions

Tudor lovers ….Gregory, P  The white princess The beautiful eldest daughter of Edward IV, the young princess Elizabeth faces a conflict of loyalties between the red rose and the white. Forced into marriage with Henry VII, she must reconcile her slowly growing love for him with her loyalty to the House of York, and choose between her mother’s rebellion and her husband’s tyranny Historical

Clements, R  The queen’s man 1582: England is a Judas nest of conspiracy. The bitter conflict between the Protestant and Catholic faiths threatens to tear the country in two. While Queen Elizabeth holds the reins of power, there are many whose loyalty lies with her imprisoned cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots. On his first major mission for Sir Francis Walsingham, the young John Shakespeare is ordered to discover conspiracy to free the Stuart queen from Sheffield Castle. All too soon, he realises that the tentacles of the plot reach deep into his native Warwickshire and threaten his own friends and family. His duty lies with Elizabeth – but how far will he go to protect those he loves

Coming up to the more recent past is Caitlin Davies’  Family likeness A young woman climbs the steps of a smart London address on her first day as a live-in nanny. In Kent in the 1950s a little girl called Muriel is growing up bewildered and lonely. Despite her best efforts to please everyone, nobody wants anything to do with her. A figure in a 19th century painting inspires intrigue and a sense of connection across the years. But what binds these three women together? In ‘Family Likeness’, Caitlin Davies blends storytelling with historical research to create a story of motherless children, missed chances and secrets reaching back to World War Two

Ben Kane’s  Clouds of war is back to Roman Times A veteran of the bitter war since its beginning, Quintus is ready to give his life in the service of the Republic. But dangers face him from within his own ranks as well as from the enemy – who include his former friend, the Carthaginian, Hanno. Hanno has been sent by his general Hannibal to aid Syracuse in its fight against Rome. Pledged to bring death to all Romans, he is diverted from his mission by the discovery of Quintus’ sister Aurelia, a captive within the city. Two friends on opposing sides. A woman caught between them. They are about to meet in one of the most brutal sieges of all time