New Scifi, Fantasy and Horror

Here’s what’s new this week in these three genresThe concrete grove


Pick of the week – Gary McMahon won the ‘This is Horror’ Novel of the Year award with  The concrete grove  It’s the first of a trilogy, so if you like it, 2 more to follow with, Silent Voices and Beyond here lies nothing. Imagine a place where all your nightmares become real. Think of dark urban streets where crime, debt and violence are not the only things to fear. Picture a housing project that is a gateway to somewhere else, a realm where ghosts and monsters stir hungrily in the shadows. Welcome to the Concrete Grove. It knows where you live.

Joshi  Black wings of Cthulhu VolumeThis is a collection of 18 horrifying tales taking their inspiration from stories by H.P. Lovecraft

Sci fi

Lafferty  The ghost train to New Orleans  Zoe writes travel guides for the undead. And she’s good at it too – her new-found ability to talk to cities seems to help. After the success of ‘The Shambling Guide to New York City’, Zoe and her team are sent to New Orleans to write the sequel. Her career isn’t all that brings her to New Orleans. The only person who can save Zoe’s boyfriend from zombism is rumoured to live in the city’s swamps, but she’s out of her element in the wilderness. With her supernatural colleagues waiting to see her fail, and rumours of a new threat hunting citytalkers, can she stay alive long enough to finish her next book? 

Vandermeer  Annihilation For 30 years, Area X has remained mysterious, remote, and concealed by the government as an environmental disaster zone even though it is to all appearances pristine wilderness. For 30 years, too, the secret agency known as the Southern Reach has monitored Area X and sent in expeditions to try to discover the truth. Some expeditions have suffered terrible consequences. Others have reported nothing out of the ordinary. Now, as Area X seems to be changing and perhaps expanding, the next expedition will attempt to succeed where all others have failed. What is happening in Area X? What is the true nature of the invisible border that surrounds it?

Wood  No hero Oxford police detective Arthur Wallace is a good cop, but prefers that action and heroics remain on the screen, safely performed by professionals. But then secretive government agency MI12 comes calling, hoping to recruit Arthur in their struggle against the tentacled horrors from another dimension known as the Progeny

Wraight  Blood of Asaheim After half a century apart, in service to the Deathwatch and the Chapter, Space Wolves Ingvar and Gunnlaugr are reunited. Sent to defend an important shrine world against the plague-ridden Death Guard, the Grey Hunters clash with the pious Sisters of Battle, who see the Space Wolves as little better than the enemy they fight. As enemies close in around them and treachery is revealed, Gunnlaugr and his warriors must hold the defenders together – even as hidden tensions threaten to tear the pack apart


D’Lacey  The book of the Crowman  It is the black dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the Earth wracked and dying. It is the bright day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the globe. The search continues for the shadowy figure known as the Crowman, as the Green Men prepare to rise up against the forces of the Ward

Eddings  Guardians of the west   Set against a backdrop of fantasy and mystery and in a land of dangerous imagination, the kidnapping of the son of the Overlord of the West, leads an army to embark upon a fantastic journey – that journey is chronicled in the Books of the Mallorean

Kashina  Blades of the old empire Kara is a mercenary, a Diamond warrior, the best of the best, and a member of the notorious Majat Guild. When her tenure as protector to Prince Kythar comes to an end, custom dictates he accompany her back to her guild to negotiate her continued protection