Leeds Book Awards 9-11 Categrory

A little late with this post, apologies! Here we go! 

The first Leeds Books Award category we’ll be giving you a quick run down of is for ages 9-11.

The Child’s Elephant – Rachel Campbell-Johnston


When a baby elephant is left orphaned on the African savannah, Bat, a young herdsboy, takes her home and cares for her. But Bat’s grandmother knows that Meya cannot stay with them forever – the call of the wild will always be sounding in her soul.

And there are rumours borne on the wind; frightening stories of kidnapping and suffering and war. Bat and his closest friend, Muka, are catapulted into a new life of unimaginable terror. Now memories of their village world feel so far away. Will the bond between elephant and child remain strong enough to save them?

This book has recieved great reviews in the press for it’s hard hitting themes yet lyrical and wondefully descriptive dialogue. We’re really looking forward to what Leeds School children think of it!

The Claws of Evil – Andrew Beasley


The year is 1891 and London is at war. High up on the rooftops lives a ragtag band of orphans and spies – the Watchers – protectors of the city. But below the cobbled streets lurks the Legion, a ruthless gang of cut-throats and thieves, plotting to unleash the darkest forces of Hell. When a mysterious coin falls into his hands, cocky street urchin Ben Kingdom is flung into the midst of this ancient battle. The fate of the world rests with Ben, but which side will he choose? An army of angels? or the Claws of Evil?

The Claws of Evil is already receiving high praise on the reviews page of the Leeds Book Awards so we have high hopes for this one.

The Great Ice-Cream Heist -Elen Caldecot


‘Those McIntyres are nothing but trouble!’ When the McIntyre family moves in next door, Eva is intrigued – it is the first interesting thing to happen for ages. But her ever protective Dad – even more protective since Eva’s mum died – does not agree. And the McIntyres are certainly noisy! But Eva is curious about Jamie, who she often sees on the roof of his garden shed, escaping the family chaos. Then Eva gets to know Jamie a bit better. And when he is accused of vandalising the local park, Eva is sure he didn’t do it. It is up to Eva to stick up for him – but then Jamie disappears. Eva is now in a race against time, which snowballs into a helter-skelter race with a ‘borrowed’ ice cream van, lots of irate keep-fit enthusiasts and lashings of ice-cream!

If lashings of Ice-Cream doesn’t get you interested, we don’t know what will! Another book with great reviews coming in on the Leeds Book Awards site.

Ways To See A Ghost – Emily Diamand


Isis, the daughter of a charlatan psychic, can see ghosts – including that of her dead little sister, Angel. Gray is the son of a UFO-chasing conspiracy theorist. The two teenagers are forced together when their parents start dating. After a reluctant start, a friendship develops and Isis confesses her secret ability to Gray. But when Isis’ mum is inducted into an elite psychic society, run by charismatic Philip Syndal, Isis discovers there are sinister intentions beneath Philip’s charm. She and Gray find themselves in grave danger and Isis is forced to use her considerable powers to save them both.

If Ghosts, Ghouls and the paranormal are your thing give this books a try…if you dare!

Osbert the Avenger- Christopher William Hill


Meet Osbert Brinkhoff, the unlikeliest of avengers. His is a tale of dark delights and ghastly goings-on, of injustice and revenge. The villains are vicious. The settings are sinister. And good does not always prevail.If you prefer cleavers to kittens and fiends to fairies… then welcome to the GRUESOMELY FUNNY Tales from Schwartzgarten.

Osbert the Avenger is the first in a thrilling series of four books, all set in the fictional city of Schwartzgarten.

Truely gruesome and ghastly sounds great like a great read to us!

Wild Boy – Rob Lloyd Jones


London, 1841. A boy covered in hair, raised as a monster, condemned to life in a travelling freak show. A boy with an extraordinary power of observation and detection. A boy accused of murder; on the run; hungry for the truth…

Behold the savage spectacle of Wild Boy! Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats. The show is about to begin…

A fiendish and fast paced murder mystery, already getting great reviews!

Any of these take your fancy? We hope you’ll be rushing out to read them all! And be sure to vote at your local Leeds Library for your favourite.

For more visit the Leeds Book Awards website http://www.leedsbookawards.co.uk/2014/