Recipes on the move

If you’ve ever borrowed cookery books from the library and written down a few recipes you liked, this recipe manager app is a way to save them and add your own touches.

Called Sesame, you can use the app to find and save recipes from various websites, or input your own and tweak them if you find you prefer different ingredients or serving styles.  It also searches the web to help you find more recipes and let’s you tailor portion size/numbers to cater for and avoid the nasty ingredients you don’t like.

Recipes can be tagged to make them easy to find, and there’s a multiple timer feature so you can cook and time things together. It lets you email the recipe directly from the app to the person who’s just admired the meal you cooked. Also good for enlisting helpers – create a shopping list from your recipes so you or your lovely assistant can tick off the items as they go in your trolley. It’s all saved in the iCloud, so no problem if you drop your phone in the washing up.