Studio12’s Child Friendly Leeds film

In Libraries, we are incredibly proud of Studio 12, and its achievements with young people. 
Studio 12 is part of the Library Service and is an audio-visual media project providing free access to a production studio, training, accredited qualifications and an Industry Panel of creative professionals working in design, music, video and media arts.
16 – 30 year olds living in Leeds can take part with priority given to those not in education & employment. Participants can create a range of media-related projects depending on what they want to produce. Studio12 is designed to help turn their ideas into something REAL.
Studio 12 also takes on some commissioned work and has been instrumental in the making of this film for Child Friendly Leeds who are working to bring everyone together to make Leeds a child friendly city – a place where children are valued, supported, enjoy growing up and look forward to a bright future.

61 children, 41 poems, 145 drawings 7 groups, 4 workshops to make this film about Leeds being more Child Friendly. Drawings and poems by Blenheim Primary school – Year 4, Chapel Allerton Improvised Family Theatre

Poetry workshops by Ma Maposa – Big on Road, additional drawings from Childminding, Wigton Moor Playschool, Romanian family, Shakespeare Childrens Centre, Saturday Night Project

 Children and young people said what they enjoyed most about making the film:

“When everyone got to have a go and it was really cool because I’ve never made a film in my life! I like the animations.”

“Everybody got a part to say.”

“When we did the pictures and they came to life.”