135 new non fiction titles this week

So many titles to choose from, here’s our picks and full listing. Enjoy!

Favourite read  this week:  The Puppy Express: on the road with 25 dogs what could go wrong? All aboard! When David Rosenfelt and his family embarked on a roadtrip across the USA to their new home in Maine, he thought he had prepared for every eventuality. They had mapped out the route, brought three just-in-case SatNavs and had enough snacks to feed an army. There was just one tiny complication – they were travelling with twenty-five rescue dogs: a sure-fire recipe for chaos. But having devoted their lives to rehoming thousands of unwanted and unloved dogs, there was no way they could leave them behind. With nine volunteers, three motorhomes and several contingency plans, David and his very large, very hairy family set off on a journey that will test his patience and his sense of humour to the limits. This is a hilarious and uplifting tale of a canine cross-country adventure like no other; if David and his dogs make it to Maine in one piece, it will be a miracle!

Ben: missing since 1991: his mother's heartbreaking story of endurance and hopeRecommended:

Planet Banksy: unauthorized: the man, his work and movement he inspired Banksy is the world’s foremost graffiti artist, his work adorning streets, walls and bridges across nations and continents. His stencil designs are instantly recognizable and disturbingly precise in their social and political commentary, flavoured with subtle humour and self-awareness. More popular than ever, Banksy has spawned countless imitators, students and fans alike, his fame – although unlooked-for – inevitably transmitting his ideas and work to the international arena. Highlighting both the relevance of Banksy’s work and how his impact has continued to spread, ‘Planet Banksy’ brings together some of the very best pieces of art from all corners of the world that have been inspired by Banksy, as well as featuring some of his own innovative, profound and controversial work

Ben: missing since 1991: his mother’s heartbreaking story of endurance and hope In 1991 Kerry and her son Ben followed Kerry’s parents to live on the Greek island of Kos. On 24 July, she was at work when her mum Christine arrived crying uncontrollably. Ben had been playing outside, and then disappeared. Someone had taken Ben. In her heartbreaking memoir, Kerry describes the agony of being initially suspected by the police, which meant the closure of airport and ferry terminals were delayed, the early sightings that raised their hopes and the hoaxes which dashed them completely. And the unbearable pain of knowing her baby boy was alone somewhere without his mum

The people's songs: the story of modern Britain in 50 songsStuart Maconie The people’s songs: the story of modern Britain in 50 songs In ‘The People’s Songs’, Stuart Maconie argues that what we call pop music has a defiant, unsanctioned concept at its heart: the ability to speak to people, to affect people, to transform their lives. This book tells the story of modern Britain via the records that soundtracked this dramatic and kaleidoscopic period. The story is told chronologically over 50 chapters. At the heart of each is one emblematic song that is discussed fully

For Writers 

  • May – Get started in creative writing Revised edition
  • Dynes – Masterclasses in creative writing

For Cooks

  • The big baking book
  • Kendrick – Free-from food for family & friends: over a hundred delicious recipes, all gluten-free, dairy free & egg free
  • Leith – Leith’s cookery bible rd ed
  • Life – The life plan diet
  • Moine – Mediterranean cookbook
  • Whaite – John Whaite bakes at home

Going somewhere or planning a trip

  • Blasi – Discover Italy rd edition
  • Boyle – The rough guide to Australia Eleventh edition
  • Colbourne – France [Revised edition]
  • Egert-Romanowska – Germany Revised edition
  • Griffin – The rough guide to Scotland Tenth edition
  • Edwards – The rough guide to the USA Eleventh edition
  • Spain [Revised edition]
  • Symington – Portugal [Revised edition]
  • Western USA


  •  Ackroyd – Charlie Chaplin
  • Aitken – Margaret Thatcher
  • Campbell – Roy Jenkin
  • Collins – Michelle Collins
  • Crane – Lana
  • Dudgeon – Maeve Binchy
  • Eyman – John Wayne
  • Kensit – Absolute beginner
  • Kray – Me and my brothers [New] ed
  • Moore – Margaret Thatcher Volume one -Not for turning
  • Mortimer – Dear Lumpy
  • Needham – Ben
  • Nolan – No regrets
  • Ormiston – JMW Turner
  • Saunders – Bonkers
  • Summerscale – The Queen of Whale Cay (Joe Carstairs women champion motor boat racer)
  • Warnock – The gaffer  (football)
  • Webster – The spy with 29 names
  • Wegelius – Domestique (cycling)
  • Wood – It’s only rock ‘n’ roll

Crafters  –Wood – Cross stitch


  • Adie – Fighting on the Home Front
  • Armstrong – How to be an even better manager Ninth edition
  • Banbolt-Simons – Complete Norwegian
  • Barber – Jazz Me Blues
  • Barnes – Levels of life
  • Beeny – Sarah Beeny’s  DIY jobs
  • Bellos – Alex through the looking-glass
  • Brown – Plan of attack
  • Bryant – Parliament Volume 1 Ancestral voices
  • Buchan – A green and pleasant land
  • Canter – The Rev diaries
  • Carter – Force Benedict
  • Carter – The brain book
  • Cioran – A short history of decay
  • Cliffe – Stuart Yorkshire Places and People First
  • Cooksley – The air VCs Updated edition
  • Corrett – Honestly Healthy for life
  • Crane – Empires of the dead
  • Crewdson – Dorothea’s war
  • Cruz – One holy fire
  • Cruz – Run baby run
  • D’Acampo – Pronto!
  • Dalling – Speedway
  • Daniels – Hackney child
  • Dartnell – The knowledge
  • Davies – The artful species
  • Davis – Murder by gaslight in Victorian Bradford
  • Docherty – The tai chi bible
  • Dunlop – Meteorology manual
  • Edwards – Self belief – the vision
  • Edwards-Jones – Restaurant Babylon
  • Entrup – 10 minute make-up
  • Evelegh – The patch
  • Fermor – The broken road
  • Foucault – The order of things
  • Gilfillan – Crime and punishment in Victorian London
  • Graham – The intelligent investor Special ed
  • Grandin – The autistic brain
  • Hannan – High road rider
  • Harris – Not for turning
  • Hasson – Master the skill that will unlock your potential
  • Hayter – GEM Skues
  • Henderson – The wizard
  • Henshaw – The bookshop that floated away
  • Hogsbjerg – CLR James in imperial Britain
  • Holden – No holding back
  • Jaffe – Indigo adults
  • James – Churchill and empire
  • Jameson – Making God laugh
  • Jones – The serpent’s promise
  • Koppel – The astronaut wives club
  • Krupa – Shallow graves in Siberia
  • Law – Woodsman
  • Lewis – Voices from D-Day
  • Lewis – Zero six bravo
  • Lomax – The railway man
  • Lyman – Into the jaws of death
  • MacOnie – The people’s songs
  • Martin – Making it happen
  • Moore – How to create the perfect wife
  • Morris – War
  • O’Brien – The ultimate player’s guide to minecraft
  • Owen – The Yorkshire shepherdess
  • Peer – You can be younger Updated and revised
  • Powers – Letter composed during a lull in the fighting
  • Randall – The last gentleman of the SAS
  • Roberts – Sad men
  • Rosenfelt – The Puppy Express
  • Rudd – The English
  • Scruton – The soul of the world
  • Shelden – Young Titan
  • Shore – Bang in the middle
  • Simpson – Richmonds of the World
  • Stoppard – Baby’s first skills Revised edition
  • Stout – The sociopath next door
  • Stratton – Floyd Patterson
  • Swift – Joe’s small garden handbook
  • Taylor – Scarlett’s women New [edition]
  • Tennant – Design bloggers at home
  • The big baking book
  • Tippett – Born gangster
  • Topol – Creative Destruction of Medicine Revised edition
  • Torday – Dearest Jane
  • Tuffrey – Yorkshire Railways from the Yorkshire Post
  • Turner – A classless society
  • Urban – The tank war
  • Usher – Letters of note
  • Von Daniken – History is wrong
  • Waterhouse – Sharon & Tracy & the rest
  • Watson – The age of nothing
  • Wilcock – Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations
  • Williams – Shafted
  • Williams – Steaming to victory
  • Willis – Twice bitten
  • Wood – The Leeds Pals
  • Woolfson – Your preschoooler bible

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