The Manly Art of Knitting

“Only a man would knit a hammock with shovel handles for needles and manila rope for yarn.” it says on the back cover.

Published 1972, ‘The Manly Art of Knitting’ by Dave Fougner will fetch the princely sum of £397.04 on Amazon. Unfortunatley we don’t have a copy in the library!

What can you make? The projects chapter includes how to make: a dog blanket, a beanie, a wall hanging (for your horse’s best-in-show award), a saddle blanket for your horse (knitted circularly with sharpened garden hose and “jumbo” yarn), a slipover (jumper) and a rope hammock (knitted with either shovel handles or pool cues with manila rope).

 Plus there’s a section on problems which tells you how to pick up dropped stitches with the end of a knitting needle and a toothpick instead of a crochet hook!