Carry You by Beth Thomas @BethThomas68

Carry you

Chicklit novel of the week is Carry You by Beth Thomas 

Perfect for fans of Jo Jo Moyes and Marian Keyes, it’s Beth Thomas’s debut novel and the book is dedicated to Beth’s Mum, whom she lost to breast cancer some years ago.

The heroine Daisy Macintyre is 28 and spends most of her days inside having DVD marathons, mostly Hugh Grant, with a packet of Jaffa Cakes for company. What’s wrong with being in your pyjamas on a Saturday afternoon? Daisy’s life is hardly a whirlwind of boys and parties because her life stopped when she lost someone very dear to her. Since then she’s been in a black hole that she can’t pull herself out of.

Abby, Daisy’s best friend, is determined that Daisy will pull herself back from the brink of despair and decides that both of them will do the Moonwalk. A fundraising walk of 26 miles through London in the evening, and so begins Abby’s quest to get Daisy back into the land of the living. Daisy’s life is about to take an unexpected turn ….