Crime and thrillers for the weekend

Most of these thrillers/crime novels are 5 star rated already by Leeds readers.

Defending JacobUntil you’re mine by Samantha Hayes. Spooky stranger story.

The Abomination by Jonathan Holt. Set in Venice, NY Times said it was breathtaking

The Cruellest Game by Hilary Bonner. Sophie Hannah-ish tale of the disintegration of a perfect life

The Intercept by Dick Wolf. Thriller from Law and Order creator set in New York about foiled hijacking

City of Devils by Diana Bretherick. Set in 1887, scottish scientist travelling to Berlin to meet his mentor encounters mutilated body

Defending Jacob by William Landay. A boy is discovered dead in the woods and the detective’s son is under suspicion

Snow White must Die by Nele Neuhaus. Two girls vanish eleven years before and the culprit is newly released from jail when another girl goes missing

Some kind of peace by Camilla Grebe. Living alone, Siri has tried hard to convince herself that she has moved on since her husband died though she sleeps with the lights on. One night her torch isn’t there..

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