Today’s quirky book facts

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic “The Great Gatsby” was originally known by the title “Incident at West Egg” !!

If you stretched out all the shelves in the New York Public Library, they would extend eighty miles. The books most often requested at this library are about drugs, witchcraft, astrology and Shakespeare.

The first novel ever written was penned by Murasaki Shibuku, a Japanese noblewoman around 1000. It was a love story.

The first English novel written was Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur” in 1470

The first published book ever written on a typewriter was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Mark Twain used a Remington in 1875.

It took Noah Webster 36 years to write his first dictionary. 

 Arthur Conan Doyle was a professional ophthalmologist, an eye doctor. Because special medical practices were hard to build and didn’t pay well in his era, he took up writing to make ends meet – hence Sherlock Holmes