Book recommendations from friends

The best book recommendations are from friends. Or are they?

Have you ever recommended a book to a friend, only to have it completely and utterly rejected?

Yes! A bit more tactfully, perhaps, but my friend didn’t read ‘Falling’ by Elizabeth Jane Howard (I enjoyed it a lot and recommended it) but said ages later that her husband really liked it!

Or if friends recommend books to you that you don’t fancy, do you read them?  My Mum has just been given ‘The Siege of Constantinople’ by Dorothy Dunnett to read by a friend of hers, because she’s off to Istanbul. She’s promised to read the whole book when she gets back but isn’t enthused.

Let us know your recommendations & reactions and we’ll share them.

2 thoughts on “Book recommendations from friends

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever checked up on them! I’d hate to put a friend in the position where they had to say ‘you know what, you really misjudged that one’, everyone I know has complex tastes.

    If someone recommends a book I don’t fancy, I don’t read it (so many books, so little time) but if they’ve actually given me a copy I’ll at least give it a few chapters in case I’m pleasantly surprised.

    I do tend to recommend Tad Williams to anyone who likes Tolkien. Don’t know if any of them have ever taken me up on it though 🙂

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