New fiction @LeedsLibraries this week

Already deadBlock busters of the week – lots of copies of these

Barclay, Linwood –  A tap on the window Suspense A man gives a lift to his son’s teenage classmate not knowing what damage it will wreak.

Booth, Stephen –  Already dead Ben Cooper and Diane Fry the fabulous detective duo investigate another crime in the Peak District

King, Stephen –  Doctor Sleep Horror What happened to Danny Torrance from the Shining?

Roberts, Nora –  Whiskey Beach – Suspense story of prime suspect with perfect life returning to his small home town.

 5 * brilliant reads recommended by readers and us

St John, Laura –  The obituary writer  Brilliant tale of Times Obituary writer caught up in one of the worst ever train disasters and the effect it has on him. Psychological movel

Billingham, Mark –  The bones beneath  Crime.  Stuart Nicklin, the most dangerous psychopath Tom Thorne has ever put behind bars, promises to reveal the whereabouts of a body he buried twenty-five years before. But only if Thorne agrees to escort him

Cohen, Tamar –  The broken What happens when best friends fall out.

Gee, Sue Coming homeA darker shade: an anthology of Swedish crime writers – Will and Flo Sutherland have found themselves, and each other, in colonial India, but as the war and the age of empire draws to a close, they must make their way back to England. There, they and their young family attempt to fashion a new life for themselves in rural Devon, but managing a farm proves harsher than Will had anticipated, while Flo struggles to marry the pressures of domestic life with her desire to write

Ione, Larissa –  Desire unchained – Paranormal romance Shade is a demon with heart, but like his brothers he’s harbouring a dark secret, one that brings him, and his lovers, to their knees. Kidnapped by his enemy Roag, Shade and one of his lovers, Runa, find themselves forever changed. They make their escape and race to warn others about Roag’s evil

Mensch, Louise –  Beauty Dina Kane has dragged herself up from poverty to Park Avenue in the beauty business. She’s rolled with the punches & learned how to win. Now someone is out to destroy her, and all she’s built. They’ve underestimated Dina Kane. She’s staying at the top, happy to wait to exact revenge.

Mukherjee, Neel –  The lives of others Brilliant second novel, set in the 60’s, a saga of middle-class Bengali family life. It begins with a starving Bengali peasant slaughtering his wife and children before killing himself by drinking corrosive insecticide. It then moves to the  upper-middle-class Ghosh family, who made their fortune in paper production

The lives of othersCrime

Block, Lawrence – Borderline Crime /detective story set on Mexico border

Cookman, Lesley –  Murder in a different place Libby Sarjeant murder mystery

Harvey, JohnDarkness darkness – Resnick’s last case about a young woman murdered 30 years ago in the time of the Miners’ Strike.

James, Peter –  Want you dead Million copies sold. Dating agency murder

Hill, Suzette – The Venetian venture Detective mystery featuring rare book in Venice.

Holmberg  A darker shade Scandi crime collection

Keller, Julia –  Bitter River Appalachian crime story of victim concealed under water.

Stabenow, Dana–  Bad blood Crime detective set in Alaska. Kate Shugak investigates when 100 years of bad blood between two Alaskan villages come to a boil when the body of a young Kushtaka man is found wedged in a fish wheel.

Russell, Leigh  Fatal act Geraldine Steel detective story

Shaw, William –  A song from dead lips Crime tale set in 60’s London


Brookes, Adam –  Night heron Peanut, ex Chinese spy escapes a labour camp and tries to disappear …Thriller

Ellory, Roger –  Carnival of shadows Thriller set in a travelling carnival Kansas 1959

Finch, Paul – The killing club eBook bestseller about killing gangs

Lotz, Sarah –  The three Black Thursday will never be forgotten: four passenger planes crash, at almost exactly the same moment around the globe. Only four survive, three are children who emerge from the wreckage seemingly unhurt but not unchanged and the fourth is Pamela May Donald, who lives just long enough to record a voice message on her phone that will change the world. The message is a warning

Lustbader, Eric –  Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne ascendancy Usual Bourne thriller

Rollins, Leigh –  The kill switch Conspiracy, military thriller

McNab, Andy –  Fortress SAS and covert mission

Morley, Isla  Above Blythe, 16 year-old Kansas schoolgirl is abducted & kept in an abandoned silo by a survivalist, who is convinced that the world is about to end. A chilling novel of survival, hope & heart-stopping plot twists.


Sci Fi, Fantasy

Aguirre, A A –  Silver mirrors -Second in Apparatus Infernum novel series – steampunk/scifi

Boatman, Michael –  Last God standing God quits and joins the human race. Fantasy

Butcher, Jim –  Skin game Fantasy about Chicago’s only wizard

Campbell, Jack –  Steadfast Scifi in the The lost fleet. Beyond the frontier series

Erikson, Steven –  The devil delivered and other tales Fantasy In the breakaway Lakota Nation, in the heart of a land blistered beneath an ozone hole the size of the Great Plains of North America, a lone anthropologist wanders the deadlands, recording observations that threaten to bring the world’s powers to their knees

Farland, DavidSons of the oak Fantasy -Runelords Bk5 The Earth King, Gaborn Val Orden, has roamed to the ends of the known world to preserve his people, but the life-draining powers he has embraced have finally taken their toll. His death leaves his young son Fallion at the mercy of his enemies

Marmell, Ari–   Hot lead cold iron Pointy eared detective solves supernatural crimesHot lead, cold iron

McGuire, Seanan –  Discount Armageddon Introducing Verity Price, journeyman cryptozoologist, ballroom dancer, and former reality television star in a fantasy monster & mythology tale

McIntosh, Will–   Defenders Scifi- Invasion by telepathic aliens.

Moon, Elizabeth –  Crown of renewal Book 5 in the Paladin’s Legacy series, Count Jeddrin has received a grisly message. His son is dead, brutally killed by Alured the Black – the first move in his plan to take the eight kingdoms

Molles, D J –  The remaining Horror In a steel-and-lead-encased bunker 20 feet below the basement level of his house, a soldier awaits his final orders. Above a plague ravages the planet, infecting over 90% of the populace. The bacterium burrows through the brain, destroying all signs of humanity and leaving behind little more than base, prehistoric instincts. The infected turn into hyper-aggressive predators, with an insatiable desire to kill and feed. Some day soon, the soldier will have to open the hatch to his bunker..


Aitcheson, James –  Knights of the hawk Historical novel set in 1071, last ditch battle to stop the Normans.

Beatty, Laura-  Darkling – A difficult relationship with her blind and aging father; memories of her late lover, John, thirty years her senior; and a dark family secret that still threatens to surface, Mia is also accused of living in the past. Alone in her London flat, she spends her days are spent researching the life of a dead woman. This woman is Lady Brilliana Harley, who during the English Civil War, in the absence of her husband and sons, defended her home Brampton Bryan Castle during a prolonged siege by Royalist troops

Cameron, Christian –  The great king – others are 5* Can Greece survive the Persian onslaught. Set in 5thC Egypt

Clarke, Rosie –  The downstairs maid A servant girl falls for the Earl’s son. Will it work out?

Gibson, Mary –  Custard tarts and broken hearts WW1 saga about girls who work in the Pearce Duff factory making custard tarts

Venmore-Rowland, Henry –   The sword and the throne Roman civil war story set AD69




Fenwick, Liz  – A Cornish stranger – Romance and intrigue in Cornwall

 Fraser, Janey  After the honeymoon Chicklit/romance

Haymore, Jennifer –  The scoundrel’s seduction Story of undercover agent assassinating a ruthless traitor whose wife is a witness. He takes her prisoner

McCullough, Colleen –  Bittersweet. Love / saga set in the Depression in New South Wales from Thornbirds author (that was 1977)

 Stoneham, Julia –  Evie Women’s land army romance set in WW2

Spargo, R Clifton –  Beautiful fools Story of the love affair between F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald which ultimately destroyed them.




Bukowski, Charles –  Women  At the age of 50 Henry Chinaski is living the life of a rock star, running 300 hangovers a year and a sex life that would cripple Casanova. Bukowski’s novel is a riotous account of life lived on the edge

English, Rachael –  Going back A returning home/second chance story

Feehan, Christine –  Air bound Romantic thriller about Airiana who can divine ‘patterns’

Flagg, Fannie –  The AllGirl Filling Station’s last reunion Story of Missouri residents, poignant/humourous

Harkaway, Nick –  Tigerman Lester Ferris ex British Army sergeant looking for a quiet life on the island of Mancreu whioch doesn’t happen

Ley, Rosanna-  Return to Mandalay – Eva Gatsby has often wondered about her grandfather Lawrence’s past, and exactly what happened to him in Burma during the Second World War.

Sussman, Paul –  The final testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix Story of a man recording his life on the walls of a castle

Vidal, Gore –  Creation