ShadowplayAre you a fan of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings?

Tad Williams has been recommended as an author who’s similar and The Shadowmarch series recives  5 star ratings by Leeds readers too.

Shadowmarch (2004)

Shadowplay (2007)

 Shadowrise (2010)

 Shadowheart (2010)

For Generations the misty Shadowline has marked the boundary between the lands of men and the lost northern lands that are the lair of their inhuman enemies, the ageless Qar. But now, after centuries of stability, that boundary line is moving outward, threatening to engulf the northernmost land in which humans still live: the kingdom of Southmarch. A magical darkness is growing — reaching foggy tendrils from beyond the Shadowline, and those unfortunate men caught in the sorcerous mists of the Qar either never return, or are forever changed.

For centuries, the Eddon family has ruled in ancient, forbidding Southmarch Castle, guarding the border against the Qar’s return, but now this powerful royal line has been dealt a devastating blow. The monarch and head of the family, King Olin, is being held captive in a distant land, and it falls to his inexperienced heirs to lead their people in a time of growing danger and dread.

It is on the youngest Eddons, the twins Barrick and Briony, that the heaviest burdens fall. Barrick, haunted and sickly for most of his life, and tormented by inexplicable nightmares, must cling to his love of his family and especially of his sister, which may be all that can save him from madness or worse. Briony in turn can only watch helplessly while her brother grows more strange, even as she fights to hold onto her family’s heritage in the face of secrets and perils that no living mortal could have imagined.

But as the Qar end their isolation of centuries and reach out to destroy humankind, Southmarch is also threatened by more familiar enemies. The Autarch, great, mad emperor of the south, whose ambitions are as wide as the world and whose power matches his ambition, is poised to strike. And other human despots with conquest-dreams of their own, not to mention spies and traitors within the Eddons’ own court, attempt to strike them down in their time of weakness. Then a brutal murder turns the kingdom upside down, and the twins discover they can trust no one — perhaps not even themselves.

Series also downloadable from us as eBooks and his other series are available.

Thanks to The Thousand Monkeys blog  for the recommendation.


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