Sisters of treason

Sisters of treasonSisters of treason is a new book by Elizabeth Fremantle. A Tudor tale of love, politics and tragedy, is the second novel in Elizabeth Fremantle’s Tudor trilogy. Beginning early in Mary Tudor’s turbulent reign, it explores the lives of Lady Jane Grey’s two younger sisters, a pair of girls dangerously close to the throne at a time when the succession was by no means stable and living in the shadow of their sister’s tragic execution.

 Lady Catherine, who many believe is the true successor to Elizabeth, becomes the focus of plots to thwart Mary Stuart’s claim on England’s throne. She is a young woman driven by a compulsive and ultimately fatal desire to love and be loved, whereas clever Lady Mary is burdened with a crooked spine and a tiny stature in an age when physical perfection equates to goodness and vice versa – and both girls have inherited the Tudor blood that is more curse than blessing. It is court painter Levina Teerlinc who helps the girls survive Mary’s reign, but when the Queen’s sister, the hot-headed Elizabeth, inherits the crown, the world at court becomes increasingly treacherous for the Grey girls.       

Elizabeth Fremenatle’s last book was Queen’s Gambit 2013, an account of the life of Katherine Parr


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