Treat yourself to one of these historical novels this week

The summer queenWe like the sound of these new historical novels coming this week!

Cartwright – Lion heart   – Richie Cathar was named after his father’s hero, Richard the Lionheart. His father, Alaric, believed that Richard and Robin Hood had met and found a document which was to prove this. Richie travels to Jerusalem where he falls in love with an journalist who is kidnapped in Cairo. In the course of writing about the Crusades, Richie discovers that the True Cross, lost to Saladin in 1187, was recovered by a small band of Richard’s knights. He embarks on a quest of his own to find the True Cross – and to discover whether or not everything in his father’s mind was a fantasy

Chadwick, Elizabeth – The summer queen   5 * Based on up-to-date research, Eleanor of Aquitaine’s magnificent story is brought to life, as never before, unveiling the real Eleanor    

Bodden, M S  – The wedding gift -When wealthy plantation owner Cornelius Allen marries off his daughter Clarissa, he presents her with a wedding gift: a young slave woman called Sarah. The two girls have grown up together but their lives could not have been more different. When Clarissa’s husband rejects her newborn son as illegitimate and sends the women back to the Allens, their return sets in motion a series of events that has far-reaching consequences for both

Court, Dilly – The beggar maid  Sunday Times bestselling author,  from age 8  to 16, Charity Crosse lives rough with her grandfather, begging on the streets.  When he dies, Charity is helped by a kindly doctor who introduces her to bookseller, Jethro Dawkins, to help in his bookshop and keep house. Charity sleeps under the counter and is not well treated, but Jethro instills in her the love of books that began when her grandmother taught her to read & starts to hope for a better future for herself    

Gilbert, Elizabeth – The signature of all things   – 1800. Alma Whittaker is born into a perfect Philadelphia winter. Her father is a bold, charismatic botanical explorer whose vast fortune belies his lowly beginnings.  An independent girl with a thirst for knowledge, it is not long before Alma comes into her own within the world of botany. As her careful studies of moss take her into the mysteries of evolution, the man she loves draws her in the opposite direction   

Heneage, James – The walls of Byzantium  15th-century Europe: in the midst of growing unrest, rivals battle for a hidden treasure, each desperate to secure its power for their own nations. But no-one can discover its whereabouts; nor even knows if it is still in the possession of The Last Roman: Vengeance - The Last Roman 1those born to guard it. Four remarkable characters from four leading families provide the story as their crossed allegiances, plots and passions are played out on this epic scale. Yet the private lives are there too, and in castle and church, in siege and on battlefield, the love, fear, violence and reluctant loyalty to creed or destiny propel the characters to their fates   

Hume, M K – The last dragon   King Artor lies slain and Ector, a mere boy, is acknowledged as the legitimate heir to the kingdom. But the land of the Celts is weakened and Ector grows up torn between a sense of doom and duty. Meanwhile, in the Forest of Arden, it is revealed to young Arthur that he is the Bastard Prince, son of King Artor and Lady Elayne. Trained in the skills of a warrior, Arthur cannot challenge the position of his ruler and childhood friend, but nor can he stand back and watch Briton crumble under the threat of invasion. As the Last Dragon, he must ensure that his father’s legacy lives on.

 Kazan, P – Appetite    Nino Latini knows that if you want to survive, then you must have aAppetite passion. But Nino’s gift will be his curse. He can taste things that other people cannot. Every flavour comes alive for him as vividly as a painting and he puts his artistry to increasingly extravagent use. In an age of gluttony, his talent leads him into danger

Ludlow, Jack – Vengeance   The Last Roman trilogy   

Manfredi, V  – Odysseus:The Oath – This is the extraordinary story of a legendary hero.      

Michael,Livi – Succession   The story of Margaret Beaufort mother of Henry Tudor

Weir, Alison – The marriage game   Bestselling historian Alison Weir brings all her knowledge of Elizabeth I to vivid life in a novel of intrigue, sex, plots, mysteries and tragedies, amid all the colour and pageantry of the Tudor court.Wilson – Mouse and the cossacks 

Young, Robyn – Kingdom Concludes the Insurrection Trilogy – On the 700th anniversary of a pivotal event in Scottish history comes the conclusion of Robyn Young’s epic trilogy about Robert the Bruce, one of history’s greatest rebels.