Headingley Library’s fantastic modern classics display

If you fancy a change from Richard and Judy Book Club titles or something different and stimulating to tickle your brain cells apart from summer beach reads, why not visit Headingley Library today and check out the new display of modern classics?

There’s a great selection – from cult authors such as Charles Bukowski, Bret Easton Ellis and Richard Brautigan to literary titans like Steinbeck, Hemingway and Nabokov, and more avante garde works by writers like J G Ballard, Samuel Beckett, Alexander Trocchi, Fernando Pessoa and many, many more.

The collection has been bought with money given by local councillors, so we hope you enjoy some of these glorious classics.

The full list is below. These books can be reserved and collected at any library:




Go tell it on the mountain Baldwin,James    
The atrocity exhibition Ballard,J.G.    
A kind of loving Barstow,Stan    
Malone dies Beckett,Samuel  
Molloy Beckett,Samuel  
The unnamable Beckett,Samuel  
Revenge of the lawn:stories 1962-1970 Brautigan,Richard  
So the wind won’t blow it all away Brautigan,Richard  
Ham on rye:a novel Bukowski,Charles  
Post office Bukowski,Charles  
The master and Margarita Bulgakov,Mikhail Af
Junky:the definitive text of `Junk’ Burroughs,William S.
Hard rain falling Carpenter,Don      
Burning your boats:collected short stories Carter,Angela  
Shadow dance Carter,Angela  
What we talk about when we talk about love Carver,Raymond  
And the ass saw the angel Cave,Nick    
The death of Bunny Munro Cave,Nick    
Underworld Delillo,Don      
White Noise Delillo,Don      
Not fade away Dodge,Jim      
Stone Junction:an alchemical pot-boiler Dodge,Jim      
A heartbreaking work of staggering genius Eggers,Dave    
What is the what:a novel Eggers,Dave    
American psycho Ellis,Bret Easto
Less than zero Ellis,Bret Easto
Chronicle of a death foretold Garcia Marquez,Gabriel  
The tin drum Grass,Gunter  
Dirty Havana trilogy Gutierrez,Pedro Juan
Hunger Hamsun,Knut    
Closing time Heller,Joseph  
Something happened Heller,Joseph  
The old man and the sea Hemingway,Ernest  
Siddharatha Hesse,Herman  
Steppenwolf Hesse,Hermann  
Island Huxley,Aldous  
A portrait of the artist as a young man Joyce,James    
One flew over the cuckoo’s nest Kesey,Ken      
Darkness at noon Koestler,Arthur  
The buddha of suburbia Kureishi,Hanif    
Babbitt Lewis,Sinclair
Main Street Lewis,Sinclair
Martin Eden London,Jack    
Outer dark McCarthy,Cormac  
The border trilogy McCarthy,Cormac  
The orchard keeper McCarthy,Cormac  
The ballad of the Sad Cafe McCullers,Carson  
The heart is a lonely hunter McCullers,Carson  
Dancers at the End of Time Moorcock,Michael  
Lolita Nabokov,Vladimir
Pale fire Nabokov,Vladimir
Complete stories O’Connor,Flannery
Doctor Zhivago Pasternak,Boris    
GB84 Peace,David    
Nineteen Eighty Peace,David    
Nineteen eighty three Peace,David    
Nineteen seventy four Peace,David    
Nineteen seventy seven Peace,David    
The book of disquiet Pessoa,Fernando
Gravity’s rainbow Pynchon,Thomas  
City of night Rechy,John    
The dice man Rhinehart,Luke    
Nausea Sartre,Jean-Paul
Last exit to Brooklyn Selby,Hubert  
The case of Comrade Tulayev Serge,Victor  
The Illuminatus! trilogy Shea,Robert  
One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich Solzhenitsyn,Alexander
Cannery Row Steinbeck,John    
Sweet Thursday Steinbeck,John    
Fear & loathing in America Thompson,Hunter S.
Helen and desire Trocchi,Alexander
Rabbit at rest Updike,John    
Rabbit is rich Updike,John    
Rabbit redux Updike,John    
Rabbit, run Updike,John    
The motel life: a novel Vlautin,Willy    
The golden apples Welty,Eudora  
Voss White,Patrick  
A man in full Wolfe,Tom      
We Zamyatin,Yevgeny  
Germinal Zola,Emile    







Jacket Image for Bret Easton Ellis:American psycho, Glamorama, Lunar Park