Something about Arthur – miniature Bronte book

ArthurPage1After returning home to Haworth from boarding school aged 17, Charlotte Brontë wrote a tiny 25 page book  measuring 2.25 by 3.6 inches which has survived and is now held by the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

“Something About Arthur” is about a struggling artist who battles an arrogant aristocrat for the heart of the heroine, Lady Emily Chalwort. 

There has been speculation as to why the Brontes produced these miniature books  – the cost or difficulty obtaining paper? to keep away the contents away from their aunt’s prying eyes? imitating newsprint?

Most experts seem to think the most likely reason was that they were created as books for the small toy soldiers who were a major part of the fantasy worlds that all four Brontes created in their early years!