The midnight roseThere’s a great selection of audiobooks in both CD format (recently added titles)  and  eAudiobooks

If you’ve never tried one, the average audiobook has enough content to provide the listener with a week’s worth of entertainment on a long daily commute to work. At the gym, walking the dog, doing the ironing, knitting and crafting – listen while you work and brilliant if you find it hard to see print, hold a book or are dyslexic.

In fact, audiobooks are the fastest growing area in the publishing industry, worth a billion dollars, with millions of people downloading them to their media players or listening to CDs every day.

What makes a book a good candidate to transfer from the printed page to an audiobook? Best sellers obviously, and mysteries that have strong female protagonists generally do well, as do political  thrillers and romance. Non-fiction is a growing market, especially self help books. Narration can make or break an audiobook  – a professional narrator and actors voicing the characters ensure the quality of the writing is not compromised and enhance the listening experience for fans of the author.

Descriptive text might work well in printed copy but  it doesn’t lend itself well to audio so good editing’s important!!

We’re featuring our 5 star rated talking books and eAudiobooks in blog posts this week if you’re looking for ideas of what to listen to.