Good cover, bad cover

Bad_Voltage_cover French author Jonathan Littell  wrote ‘Bad Voltage’  in 1989 which might expalin the BeeGee-ish gentleman on the cover. He called it a youthful folly. A reviewer said at the time: “Jonathan Littell’s 984-page book is so bloatedly inept that its reverential reception across the Channel seems barely comprehensible.”

It’s scifi – ‘High-tech lowlifes, bio-enhanced delinquents, or doped-out street kids, they’ve learned to survive in riot-torn future Paris, playing simulated war games in the fall-out shelters beneath the city. Soaring high and fast on gravfield simboots, they head straight into the heart of violence and terror, then out and down to the safety of the tunnels toThe kindly ones: a novel party until it’s time to run again’.

His latest book which is in stock is ‘The Kindly Ones’ reviewed by Antony Beevor as ‘a great work of literary fiction which readers will turn to for decades to come.
This Faustian story with a terrifying twist is the fictional memoir of Dr Max Aue, a former SS intelligence officer, who has reinvented himself as a family man and owner of a lace factory in post-war France.