Richard and Judy – the novels

The way you look tonightIs Richard Madeley’s first novel ‘Some day I’ll find you’ about to be adapted for TV?  He says there is interest in showing it on the small screen. It gets 4 stars from Leeds Readers.

The story concerns James Blackwood, a handsome fighter pilot – every girl’s dream partner. At least that is what Diana Arnold thinks when her brother first introduces them. Before long they are in love and marry hastily just as war is declared.

Then fate delivers what is the first of its cruel twists: James is shot down over Northern France and killed. Diana is left not only a widow but pregnant with their child. Ten years later, contentedly remarried, Diana finds herself in the south of France, sitting one morning in a sunny village square. A taxi draws up and she hears the voice of a man speaking English …

His  new novel The Way You Look Tonight, is a thriller set among the Kennedys  He has also started writing his next novel, a murder mystery set in the 1976 UK drought.

Judy Finigan’s first novel was novel Eloise Yesterday I almost saw her. I was standing on the sun deck, looking out to sea, revelling in the unexpected warmth of the February sun. A butterfly trembled on a nearby buddleia and suddenly I smelled her perfume. She wasn’t there, of course. How could she be when I had seen her lying in her coffin just two weeks ago