Reading can be immersive

I capture the castleIn I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith,  Cassandra Mortmain says she would “bask first, wash second and then read as long as the hot water holds out” when taking a bath.

Apparently readers are less inclined to to do this with their e-readers in the bath than paper books. To take the worry out of it, one of the e-reader manufacturers, Kobo, is launching a waterproof device in October, Kobo Aura H20, which will be the world’s first premium waterproof “E Ink e-reader”. 

 They say that “readers can now enjoy worry-free reading wherever they go, anywhere they want to read, including previously risky places like the bath or at the beach”.

Perhaps you can’t go on a long swim with it – it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes in one metre of water with the port cover closed.