The ‘Are you well read?’ challenge

Nineteen eighty-fourThe Ice Bucket Challenge might be on the wane and the more comfortable  Book List Challenge has appeared on Facebook. That’s asking you to list your top ten books which we’d find that quite hard, though we would love to hear about your top ten on Leeds Reads.

An easier challenge might be the ‘Are you well read’ challenge though we’re not saying what we scored, it wasn’t brilliant!

2 thoughts on “The ‘Are you well read?’ challenge

  1. I don’t think you could have done worse than me on the ‘are you well read’ challenge. 19 out of 100 books! I think it’s probably because I’ve only just started getting into classics.

  2. I’m proud to admit that I’ve read 33 of the books on the list, started and discarded another three, and altogether have MUCH better taste in books than this reading list does…

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