Ten good reasons to love eBooks

BetrayalTop Ten reasons to love e-books and start downloading from our great selection on the library website

  • E-books save money. Download them free from the library website!
  •  E-books are available anytime of the day or night. We have an e-book on almost any topic, fiction or nonfiction for you to download.
  • E-books are portable and lightweight for travel or otherwise. Much easier than lugging a couple of thick tomes in your hand luggage.
  • E-books let you put plenty of titles in your pocket; several can be downloaded to one device.
  • E-books can be read on the beach, in your garden, in bed, on the bus — you name it.
  • E-books can be adapted for both young and older eyes. Older people can enlarge the print” and children can see letters easily.
  • E-books also make reading come alive for young readers. Children can listen as well as read, or touch the screen and become part of the story
  • E-books can be searched for both words and information.
  • E-books are versatile and don’t require a specific device. You can read them on a computer, a laptop, a tablet, an e-reader, and even a smartphone!
  • E-books from the library are never overdue. They simply disappear from your device so you’ll never have a fine