#ThisChangesEverything by @NaomiAKlein

This changes everything: capitalism vs. the climateClimate change is very much in the news with the first UN leaders’ summit on climate change in five years taking place. Here’s an interesting book by Naomi Klein which will also appeal to people who don’t usually read books about climate change ‘This changes everything: capitalism vs. the climate

Klein successfully weaves politics, economics and history together – the book is clearly written and articulate.

The author is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the No 1 international bestseller The Shock Doctrine (The story of how countries are shocked – by wars, terror attacks, coup d’etats, economic crisis and natural disasters. And of how countries are then shocked again – by those who exploit that shock to push through economic reforms that, rather than help a country rebuild itself, serve only to further break it down).

‘This Changes Everything’ sets climate change in the context of other dramatic events the world faces and reminds us how much we are dependent on the power of coal, gas and oil.

Amitav Ghosh says it is ‘Without a doubt one of the most important books of the decade’

 ‘An enormous, complex, compelling, and, by turns, distressing and rallying analysis of the dysfunctional symbiotic relationships between free-market capitalism, the fossil fuels industry, and global warming (Booklist)’




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