Download a great eBook free, anytime

Any of the great new titles listed here are available to download, you just need to be a library member and have your PIN number.

How to download any of the 25 fantastic titles now. A list of the books is below

Cover of Life of PiCover of BetrayalCover of The HumansCover of A Tale for the Time BeingCover of Being Emily

Cover of The Crimson Petal and the WhiteCover of Bright Young ThingsCover of The Crane WifeCover of Safe as HousesCover of This Is Life

Cover of Jamrach's MenagerieCover of The RadleysCover of A Million Ways to Die in the WestCover of A Natural CuriosityCover of The Peppered Moth

Cover of LolitoCover of Girl Meets BoyCover of The ChangelingCover of The Good MuslimCover of Jacob's Folly

Cover of The Earth Hums in B Flat Cover of LaceCover of AnthropologyCover of FupCover of Tsotsi


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